Chapter 1812: “Instigated (3)”

    Chapter 1812: "Instigated (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie calmly looked at the highly nervous Yue Ye, without the slightest ripple in her eyes.

    It was silent within the courtyard, and Yue Ye's nervous little face was pale.

    "Is there anything else you need?" Jun Wu Xie finally asked.

    "No..... Nothing else....." Yue Ye suddenly stood up, bowing to Jun Wu Xie before she quickly ran out in a fluster.

    Waiting till Yue Ye had left, Elder Ying then slowly came walking out from one of the rooms in the courtyard. He had coincidentally come to find Jun Wu Xie to discuss something but Jun Wu Xie had suddenly made him go sit down awhile in one of the rooms, while she remained in the open yard.

    Elder Ying had just gone into the room when Yue Ye had coincidentally reached just outside the courtyard, like everything had been carefully calculated by Jun Wu Xie.

    "What did that little lass come here for?" Elder Ying had watched from inside the room the whole time and he really could not guess what Yue Ye's motive was in coming to find Jun Wu Xie. Yue Ye was in a helpless fluster the entire time like she was very worried about her elder brother but her words had come out stiff and stuttered.

    "Yue Ye and Yue Yi are Elder Yue's people." Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

    "You are saying, that Elder Yue is intending to use Yue Ye against you?" Elder Ying suddenly recalled the scene when Yue Ye had thrown that cup of tea at Jun Wu Xie. If Jun Wu Xie had not dodged that, that tea should have splashed onto Jun Wu Xie's leg?

    "No wonder she was acting so strange. It has really been rough on that child. You might not know this, but Yue Ye is well loved by the Palace Lord and although she is still very young, her looks have already grown to become highly outstanding. It is a little better when Yue Yi is in the palace, but when Yue Yi is not around, Elder Yue would occasionally have people bring Yue Ye to the Palace Lord's bed chambers..... Sigh..... I think Elder Yue is feeling cornered with his back against the wall and seeks to use Yue Ye to create some sort of misunderstanding so that the Palace Lord will become exasperated with you." Elder Ying said as he shook his head with a sigh, sympathizing with Yue Ye who was such an innocent and timid little girl.

    "Oh? Such a thing actually happens?" Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow arched up. She had known from the start that Elder Yue was not a good person but never had she thought that at the same time Elder Yue was using Yue Ye to threaten Yue Yi, he was also presenting Yue Ye to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord!

    "Elder Yue had done this highly furtively and I only found out about it not too long ago." Elder Ying said rather helplessly as he walked over to come beside Jun Wu Xie, as he sat himself down upon a stone stool.

    "In everyone's eyes, Elder Yue is just the devil. Besides his loyalty to the Shadow Moon Palace, he doesn't do anyone any good. He knows that the Palace Lord now values you highly and ordinary methods would not be able to drag you down from your high position on a horse. But if the Palace Lord comes to know that you hold interest towards Yue Ye whom he has his eye on, then you would have to be careful of yourself." When Elder Ying finished speaking about that, he could not help himself but to send his greetings to Elder Yue's ancestors from the past eighteen generations.

    To use an underage little girl in such a manner, to commit a deed so utterly devoid of conscience was something that only Elder Yue was capable of.

    The more he said, the angrier he became. To compose himself and to calm his emotions, Elder Ying poured himself a cup of tea and lifted his hand up, all ready to drink up.

    But, in the instant that his lips were just about to touch the teacup, Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly rang out.

    "If you still want to live, then do not touch that cup of tea."

    Elder Ying was startled and the hand that raised the teacup froze in mid air in an instant, as he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie in incomprehension.

    "What..... do you mean by that?"

    Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and looked at Elder Ying, but did not say anything as she picked up the teapot on the stone table and stood up. She walked over to the side of the lily pond at the side and flipped her hand over to pour all the tea out from the teapot into the lily pond!
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