Chapter 1815: “Phenomenal Poison (3)”

    Chapter 1815: "Phenomenal Poison (3)"

    If Jun Wu Xie had accidently consumed it, it was thought that within a matter of a couple of minutes, her fate would not be any different from those koi in the pool.

    "If they possess that kind of ability, then just come kill me as they wish." Jun Wu Xie had absolute confidence in her own skills in Medicine.

    The little black cat harrumphed and just went on licking its paws silently.

    Regardless of the conclusion Jun Wu Xie came up with, after Elder Ying got back, he changed out the bunch of disciples in charge of Jun Wu Xie's courtyard and sent in a new batch.

    Everything progressed smoothly and the Shadow Moon Palace seemed to have regained its peace. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord began to take on much of the responsibilities of the palace affairs he had previously relinquished and the amount of free time both Elder Ying and Elder Yue had gradually grew.

    Elder Ying was enjoying the time fit idle he had, but Elder Yue did not think the same way.

    Elder Yue was constantly thinking of ways to elevate his position before the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and in just a matter of days, he began to become busy once again in the Shadow Moon Palace.

    One day, Jun Wu Xie walked out from her own little courtyard and made her way towards where Yue Ye resided.

    It was quiet in Yue Ye's little courtyard and it was not known when Yue Yi had come as well. The two siblings were seated within the small yard laughing together and looking from afar, among the many flowers, Yue Yi's gaze was highly gentle and indulgent as he looked at Yue Ye, while Yue Ye's face was shining with a pure and sweet smile, all traces of her timidity and nervousness seemingly disappeared without a trace under the company of her elder brother.

    "Chang Huan?" When Yue Yi saw Jun Wu Xie, he was slightly startled and he immediately threw his spirit power out to probe the surroundings. After ascertaining that there was no one nearby that could be sent by Elder Yue to watch them, his face then revealed a relieved smile.

    At the moment that Yue Ye saw Jun Wu Xie, the smile on her face reduced by just a notch and she quickly hid herself behind Yue Yi to look at Jun Wu Xie timidly.

    "Why have you come here?" Yue Yi saw that there was no one else around, and he did not put up his usual pretence, smiling highly sincerely.

    "Just taking a look around. There hadn't been much to do recently." Jun Wu Xie walked past him inside the little yard, her gaze fixed upon the messy and disorganized flowerbeds. The flowers among the flowerbeds had at most two or three stalks of each kind and they were planted without careful thought into the soil, of all shapes and sizes. Looking at it from afar, it might seem brightly coloured and splendid, but looking at it up close, it would seem rather messy, truly unbefitting of the Shadow Moon Palace with the kind of status they held.

    Yue Yi saw that Jun Wu Xie seemed to be rather interested in the flowerbeds and he said with a laugh: "The Palace Lord has once again taken charge of the palace affairs the past few days and we have become quite a bit more free and idle." If not for that, how would Yue Yi have the time to come see his sister.

    Of course when he had come here today, Yue Yi had made sure that Elder Yue was too preoccupied to pay much attention to him before he dared to come over. He did not know why, but Yue Yi had the feeling that Elder Yue did not seem to wish for him and Yue Ye to come in contact too frequently. It had been quite some time since he came back from the Pure Grace Palace but today was only the second time he had actually stepped into his little sister's little yard. On most days, Elder Yue would frequently summon him and being suppressed by Elder Yue, Yue Yi had not dared to defy his orders too openly, but to merely hide his worries and longing to see his little sister in his heart.

    Yue Ye stood behind Yue Yi's back and lifted her head to look at the sincere smile on Yue Yi's face. A strange look flashed within those large eyes and her attractive brows creased together slightly. Seeing Yue Yi speaking in a joking manner with Jun Wu Xie, it was not known what was going through her mind.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie answered indifferently, her attention still focused upon those plants and flowers.

    Yue Ye's lips stiffened as she watched Jun Wu Xie's focused gaze and she could not help it but to tug at Yue Yi's sleeve.

    "Big Brother....."

    "What is it?" Yue Yi turned his head to look at Yue Ye.
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