Chapter 1816: “Phenomenal Poison (4)”

    Chapter 1816: "Phenomenal Poison (4)"

    "Are the flowers I planted, very ugly....." Yue Ye asked, rather ill at ease as she looked at Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi was slightly taken aback as he raised his head to see Jun Wu Xie's gaze. Linking it to the question Yue Ye had asked him, he immediately understood what her little sister's worry was and he immediately laughed out loud.

    "The flowers Little Ye has planted are not ugly at all. They are the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. I think Chang Huan should be thinking the same thing right?" Yue Yi asked, looking earnestly at Jun Wu. With his own sister being here under such a vile environment, he was not able to give her anymore than this, but to merely try his very best to let Yue Ye be as worry free as possible.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at the loving brother that Yue Yi was and she gave face to him as she nodded her head. She squatted herself down and looked at a clump of unremarkable looking flowers before turning her head around slightly, to look at Yue Ye hiding behind Yue Yi.

    Yue Ye shrank further back, like she was a little scared of Jun Wu Xie's gaze.

    Yue Yi was watching the time and his eyes flashed with a trace of helplessness. Elder Yue would be returning to the courtyard soon and if he comes to discover that he had come to Yue Ye's place, it might not be easy for him to explain himself. Yue Yi had initially intended to have Jun Wu leave with him but it seemed like Jun Wu was highly interested in the flowerbeds. But his trust in Jun Wu made him certain that Jun Wu would definitely not do anything to harm Yue Ye and he then said: "I need to make my way back already. If Little Ye has anything you need, you can tell it to Chang Huan. The relationship between Chang Huan and I has passed through life as without him, I might have already died in the Pure Grace Palace, so you can trust him. But there is just one point. My relationship with Chang Huan must not be revealed to Grandfather. Do you understand?"

    Yue Yi did not intend to hide too many things from Yue Ye but just merely tried to beautify all that had happened in the Pure Grace Palace a little and only told Yue Ye the general gist of things without going into any great detail.

    Yue Ye only half understood what she heard and just nodded her head obediently.

    She did not understand anything else but there was one point she knew very clearly.

    And that was.....

    Her Big Brother really trusted Chang Huan very much.

    "I'll make a move first." Yue Yi said as he gave Yue Ye's head a rub, and then hurriedly departed.

    Yue Ye stood in her spot, her gaze watching her Big Brother's slender back view as it gradually disappeared from before her eyes, and her eyes flashed with a tinge of sadness.

    "You like to plant all these flowers very much?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    Yue Ye was startled as she looked at Jun Wu Xie staring at the flowerbeds, and not at her, before she answered with a soft "Mm."

    "You have taken very good care of these plants and flowers." Jun Wu Xie stood up, to look at Yue Ye.

    The corners of Yue Ye's mouth stiffened in nervousness as she showed a not too natural smile.

    "I usually do not have much things to do and only planting these flowers and plants can relieve the boredom. They are not that well tended to. Senior Chang Huan is too kind with your praise."

    Jun Wu Xie was not paying too much attention to Yue Ye's modesty as her gaze was fixed upon a stalk of chrysanthemum within the flowerbed. The colour of that chrysanthemum was gorgeous and beautiful, a tad bit dark red, every petal slightly curled up, making it look highly festive.

    "Blaze Chrysanthemums are easy to plant but difficult to care for. To be able to make a Blaze Chrysanthemum grow so perfectly, is not a feat anyone would be capable of."

    Yue Ye's body stiffened slightly, as she saw Jun Wu Xie's gaze turning a little strange.

    "Is that so? I didn't know that. This is what..... I had casually planted with some seeds I got." Yue Ye replied, her smile a little forced.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "That might be the case, but the Blaze Chrysanthemum cannot be mixed together with White Shell. If one was not careful and accidentally ingests it, it might cost someone their lives."

    Yue Ye's eyes flashed slightly.
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