Chapter 1817: “Grace and Grudge Distinctly Separated (1)”

    Chapter 1817: "Grace and Grudge Distinctly Separated (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "That might be the case, but the Blaze Chrysanthemum cannot be mixed together with White Shell. If one was not careful and accidentally ingests it, it might cost someone their lives."

    Yue Ye's eyes flashed slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie went in to sit upon a chair at the side like she had not noticed Yue Ye's strange reaction at all, her attractive looking pair of hands neatly crossed over her lower abdomen, her cold clear eyes falling upon Yue Ye, carefully measuring.

    Yue Ye looked at Jun Wu Xie seemingly rather helplessly like a child who had done something wrong.

    Yue Ye was just twelve years old this year and she was still a size smaller than the petite Jun Wu Xie. Seeing her stand there with her head shrunken into her shoulders would easily cause people's hearts to soften and can't bear to be harsh.

    Jun Wu Xie watched Yue Ye for quite a while and saw Yue Ye bathing in cold sweat. Just as Yue Ye thought that Jun Wu Xie would say something, Jun Wu Xie instead stood up silently to leave after sitting there for awhile.

    Till the figure of Jun Wu Xie disappeared from the doors of the little yard, Yue Ye was still not able to react.

    [Just like that..... he left?]

    The timid look on Yue Ye's face then turned into one of bewilderment. She did not understand what Jun Wu Xie's intention was in coming here today and the fragrant little courtyard once again became quiet and Yue Ye kept the unfinished snacks on the stone table away one by one, carrying the little dishes back into the house as she sat silently in front of her dressing table to look into the bronze mirror, at her own reflection.

    The face in the bronze mirror was fair and innocent, a slight doubtful tinge pinching up her brows faintly, looking highly pitiable.

    "Senior Chang Huan is actually on such good terms with Big Brother....." Yue Ye opened her mouth to say, talking to herself.

    Suddenly, she shook her head and when she looked into the mirror once again, the little face in the mirror already no longer showed the slightest sliver of reservation but a look of complete displeasure instead.

    "Big Brother is just such a dolt. It would be strange if he could really differentiate between a good and bad person. That scoundrel's poison was neutralized by Chang Huan and that spoils my plan."

    But those words had just been spoken for a short while when anxiety once again crawled onto Yue Ye's face.

    "This place is indeed filled with bad eggs, but as Big Brother has said, Chang Huan saved his life..... He's Big Brother's benefactor....."

    Yue Ye bit at her nails feeling a little helpless, her eyes narrowed as she looked at herself in the mirror.

    Big Brother's benefactor who saved his life, she must not kill him.

    But if Jun Wu Xie continued to remain, then her plans.....

    Yue Ye fell deep into her thoughts, her gaze drifting over to the little wooden box on her dresser. She hesitated for a while before she opened the wooden box. In the wooden box was an assortment of accessories, and they did not look at that remarkable. But when Yue Ye picked up the top layer of the wooden box, at the bottom of that wooden box, was another secret world of hers. An entire row of porcelain bottles the width of her thumb lay neatly within the wooden box, every bottle labeled with a red tab, and upon them, were written some highly flamboyant and bold calligraphy characters.

    Yue Ye's tiny hand then swept over the row of porcelain bottles one by one and her hand then hovered over a bottle in the middle slightly. But her brows creased up tightly very quickly and she finally gave up on that choice in the end, to go pick up the little bottle at the edge instead.

    "As Big Brother's benefactor, I will not make things too difficult for you but..... I must at least stop you from destroying my plans anymore." Yue Ye said with her eyes narrowed, putting the little porcelain bottle on the dresser and reaching her hand out to open a small drawer on the dresser. From a pile of needlework, she then took out a palm sized fragrance sachet.

    She picked open the threads on the sachet a tad bit and then poured a few rice grain sized herbal pills from the porcelain bottle inside, before she used a thread and needle to sew up the fragrance sachet.
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