Chapter 1819: “Grace and Grudge Distinctly Separated (3)

    Chapter 1819: "Grace and Grudge Distinctly Separated (3)"

    Looking at Jun Wu Xie's highly eager and excited expression, the little black cat suddenly had a strange feeling.

    [Why was it feeling.....]

    [That its Mistress' range of emotions were becoming more and more normal?]

    It was somehow feeling that its Mistress was going to tease the little imp.....

    [It must have gone mad.]

    After Yue Ye gave the item to Jun Wu Xie, she returned back to her room, thinking that in just a few days, someone would obediently be lying in bed.


    "The threads on the fragrance satchel you gave me came undone." A cold voice suddenly sounded behind Yue Ye's back.

    Stretched out on her stomach on her bed and thinking to herself, Yue Ye jumped right out of bed with a swoosh, her eyes wide and mouth agape as she stared at Jun Wu Xie who had appeared in her room out of the blue.

    "You..... You....." Yue Ye stretched out a trembling hand, pointing at Jun Wu Xie, her eyes bulging.

    Jun Wu Xie completely disregarded Yue Ye's stunned expression and just went on to put the sachet on the table at the side. As she placed it down upon the table, one side of the fragrance sachet that was picked open had some lily petals fall out in a scatter, and what came tumbling out together, were a few rice grain sized unidentified objects.

    Yue Ye stared at those unidentified objects, her eyes fixed unwaveringly on them.

    "Smelling these herbs for too long would caused one to feel weak in the limbs, rendering them unable to move normally. It is not something that someone of such a young age should be playing with so casually." Jun Wu Xie rested her chin in an upturned palm, gazing completely calm and unruffled at the stunned Yue Ye. These little pills were rather well made but judging from the quantity placed in there, it was still a little too much.

    The elixir that Jun Wu Xie gave to Yue Yi, would make Yue Yi look frail on the surface, but his body would still remain in peak form. But from his pulse and the pallor of his face, he would be seen as a severely injured person but other than that, his entire person would be filled with vigor and healthy.

    But the drugs in this fragrance sachet contained a little bit more and under the pretence, it would really cause people to feel a little unwell. Although it would not harm the person in the slightest, but the feeling would be present.

    "What are you saying? What herbs?" It was a long while before Yue Ye snapped back to her senses. She looked at Jun Wu Xie with a look of bewilderment, her little face filled with doubt and incomprehension.

    If Jun Wu Xie had not previously seen Yue Ye putting some pills into the teapot, just by looking at the expression Yue Ye was showing her now, she might really just believe her words.

    A pity.....

    The little fox's tail had already been exposed.

    "Mixing in herbs planted among the flowers and plants in the flowerbeds is not a bad idea at all. But I think if physicians who understands Medicine were to walk one round in your yard, they might reap unexpected returns. For example....." Jun Wu Xie looked at Yue Ye's little face feigning innocence and said in a measured pace: "Those herbs that are able to make a Silver Spirit gradually deteriorate and fall into decline."

    Jun Wu Xie's words made Yue Ye's heart jump violently, and a crack appeared in the facade of ignorance on her face, as her eyes flashed with a trace of nervousness she was unable to conceal.

    "To drug the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, you really are rather bold and daring." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Yue Ye highly calmly.

    Back at that time when she had been led by those rascals from the Shadow Moon Palace to come to Yue Ye's little courtyard, she had already felt that it was a little odd. The plants and flowers planted within the yard were rather strange and if it was said that Yue Ye had casually planted those herbs without knowing anything about them, it might still be believable. But the caring of those kinds of herb plants required harsh conditions to be met and if they were not properly and carefully tended to, it was not possible for them to grow and thrive at all.
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