Chapter 1820: “Grace and Grudge Distinctly Separated (4)”

    Chapter 1820: "Grace and Grudge Distinctly Separated (4)"

    But those herbs in Yue Ye's flowerbeds were all growing strong and absolutely thriving!

    Even if that was all by accident, it couldn't possibly be all that coincidental.

    The only possible conclusion, was that the person who planted those herbs had consciously known of them, and knew what kind of care they needed.

    The expression on Yue Ye's face changed in an instant. The green bumbling ignorance of a young little girl ceased to show in the slightest and in that pair of large eyes, enmity and wariness against Jun Wu Xie was clearly written in them.

    "What are you thinking of doing? Do you know that by you saying these words, it may cause you to not be able to walk out from this place today?" Yue Ye's voice suddenly turned cold. It was clearly just a young little girl merely twelve years of age, but the threat within her words could not be denied.

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow, not showing one bit of fear.

    Yue Ye drew in a deep breath and said: "You must not forget. My Grandfather is Elder Yue in the Shadow Moon Palace and there are certain things that are not what you can stick your nose into. If you still value your life, then do not be such a busybody."

    "Has anyone told you that before a fox pretends to use the awe of the tiger's, you must at least first practice the facial expression?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

    "What?" Yue Ye was taken aback in shock.

    "If this matter really comes to be known by Elder Yue, I believe that the first person to die will definitely be you, and not me." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say slowly. Just that one sentence, and it caused the strong demeanor that Yue Ye had worked so hard to create to completely crumble.

    "What kind of a nonsense are you spouting....." Yue Ye gritted her teeth, fighting to maintain her facade of calm.

    "If Elder Yue was really seeking to murder the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, he would not wait till now. He has countless other ways at his disposal to achieve it and will definitely not choose to use a poison with such low efficiency. Moreover..... when you were mentioning him just now, what was the hatred in your eyes for?" Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

    Yue Ye's eyes widened slightly as she looked at Jun Wu Xie, unable to believe that the youth who was not on familiar terms with her could see through her pretense so easily.

    "What do you actually want?" Yue Ye gave up with a shrug of her shoulders. Not knowing why, she seemed to feel that being here before Jun Wu Xie, there was absolutely no secret to speak of at all.

    Jun Wu Xie's guess had been right. The one who poisoned the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was her, and in regards to the matter, Elder Yue knew nothing about it. She had thought to lean on Elder Yue's authourity to coerce Jun Wu Xie, to make Jun Wu Xie not stick her nose into the matter. However.....

    She had been mercilessly uncovered!

    Jun Wu Xie was in no rush to speak, but just looked at that little fella who was trying so hard to hold herself back. At that moment, Yue Ye's eyes seemed to light up with bright fiery flames, completely different from that helpless and timid person she had been able to pretend to be, and this, was then the real Yue Ye.

    A twelve year old imp who was able to concoct poison that Jun Wu Xie deemed worthy of her attention.

    "You want to kill the Shadow Moon Palace Lord?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    Yue Ye looked at Jun Wu Xie and suddenly lifted up her chin to say: "When you are asking to know someone's secret, shouldn't you first make a show of your sincerity?"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow.

    Yue Ye leapt off from the bed and stood on the floor, neither servile nor aggressive as she stared at Jun Wu Xie to say: "You couldn't possibly believe that I would really be so stupid to believe that you are Chang Huan right? I have met Chang Huan a few times before and I could tell just how useless that fella is with just one glance. How could an idiot completely without any brains possibly know to hide the light under a bushel, and come to possess a higher level of spirit power than my elder brother? You are not Chang Huan, and you would definitely have your own motives for coming to the Shadow Moon Palace. If you want to ask me questions, then use your objective in coming here to exchange for it!"
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