Chapter 1821: “Secretly Conspiring (1)”

    Chapter 1821: "Secretly Conspiring (1)"

    "You are very intelligent." Jun Wu Xie did not hide her admiration for Yue Ye.

    At that age, and able to see things so clearly, Yue Ye was definitely smarter than what she was showing to people outside. Wasn't the pretense she put up before everyone a form of self defense? It might be that even Yue Yi was not aware that his little sister was stronger than he had imagined.

    "Thank you. But since you came all the way here to find me, it wouldn't just be to praise me would it?" Yue Ye asked as she looked at Jun Wu Xie, not feeling the slightest complacent from the praise.

    "To poison the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, was all your own idea?" Although Jun Wu Xie asked that, but she already knew the real answer in her heart.

    "I've said it. If you seek to know more from my mouth, you need to bring out your sincerity." At that moment, Yue Ye was completely unlike a twelve year old little girl. Her eyes were clear, and they were filled with a steadiness that would not belong to someone her age.

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders and said: "Sure. I am not Chang Huan, Chang Huan is already dead. I am impersonating him because I seek to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace. It's just that simple."

    Yue Ye's mouth fell slightly agape. It was feared that even she had not thought that Jun Wu Xie's reply could really be so simply direct and brutal.

    But seeking to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace, was it that simple? !

    Even for Yue Ye, she had been shocked by the casual indifference in Jun Wu Xie's words.

    She crinkled up her little nose and looked at Jun Wu Xie gaugingly up and down.

    "Destroy the Shadow Moon Palace? Just you alone? Aren't you thinking too simply of the Shadow Moon Palace?" She could not deny that Jun Wu Xie was so much more outstanding than Chang Huan, but even if the Shadow Moon Palace's might was not that powerful, but it was still one of the Twelve Palaces. If it could be so easily destroyed, it would not have remained in existence till now. Wasn't Jun Wu Xie's words taking it all a little too casually?

    "Is it that difficult?" Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow lifting up, her entire being exuding a highly shocking sense of calm and composure.

    Yue Ye bit on her lip and the gaze she was looking at Jun Wu Xie with became rather complicated. It was only after a while that she then said: "The poison in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's body was my doing....."

    It was just as Jun Wu Xie had guessed. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had felt "unwell" was all due to Yue Ye's "credit". The Shadow Moon Palace Lord paid great attention on his own safety and even the Elders in the palace were not able to interfere with all the needs of his daily life. But Yue Ye was the only exception who would be occasionally summoned by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, which gave her a very good opportunity to strike.

    In truth, Yue Ye had been a lot more mature than the average child and starting from the time she started to understand things, she already knew what kind of a situation Yue Yi and her were in within the Shadow Moon Palace. She was even more acutely aware that her existence was a chip Elder Yue used to control Yue Yi and the one whom she addressed as Grandfather was never a kin to her, but a demonic monster.

    She understood the various dangers she herself was in but the too young Yue Ye was unable to change all of it. Till one time by accident, she came upon an opportunity that she had never had before.

    She began to learn about various things that had to do with poison, and started to plant the herbs she needed in her own little yard. Because she was always under Elder Yue's sphere of control, it was not possible for her to obtain and kind of seeds that contained lethal poison. That was why she had come to make use of the properties of herbs that clashed and repelled against each other.

    Yue Ye wanted to leave the Shadow Moon Palace together with Yue Yi, and everyone in the Shadow Moon Palace all became obstacles for them to escape from the demonic monster's lair.

    Elder Yue, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, and all the disciples.....
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