Chapter 1822: “Secretly Conspiring (2)”

    Chapter 1822: "Secretly Conspiring (2)"

    Yue Ye had started to poison the Shadow Moon Palace Lord from a few years ago, to wreck and wear down his body bit by bit, waiting for that one day when the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's death came and the Shadow Moon Palace was in chaos, the two siblings would then be able to take the opportunity to escape for this demonic lair.

    But the appearance of Jun Wu Xie had completely messed up Yue Ye's plan. Seeing with her eyes that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition was actually gradually becoming better with the Melted Snow Elixir that Jun Wu Xie had presented and her own plans could possibly amount to nothing but wasted effort, Yue Ye could not sit back and do nothing.

    And at that time, Elder Yue had also similarly been thrown into a frenzy with the appearance of Jun Wu Xie and had attempted to make use Yue Ye to frame Jun Wu Xie. Yue Ye had then gone with the flow and thought to poison Jun Wu Xie, which brought about the deaths of a whole pool of koi.

    The intent to murder Jun Wu Xie had already risen in Yue Ye. She had worked painstakingly on it for so many years and seeing that her plan was about to succeed, how could she now be expected to give up on that only chance that she had?

    But Yue Yi's words had caused Yue Ye to hesitate.

    Yue Ye had seen all the kinds of ugly truths hidden within the Shadow Moon Palace and except for her own elder brother, she trusted no one else.

    And the only one person she cared about was also just Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi had said that Jun Wu Xie was his benefactor who saved his life. That had caused Yue Ye to be conflicted for a quite a while before she gave up on the plan to murder Jun Wu Xie, and instead change it to putting in drugs in the fragrance sachet, to just temporarily deprive Jun Wu Xie of any chances of messing things up for her.

    A pity.....

    All her plans had been uncovered by Jun Wu Xie easily.

    "It's true that I had thought of killing you in the beginning, but you saved my brother's life. My elder brother is the only person I care about in this world and since you saved his life, that would then mean I owe you a life." Yue Ye said as she looked at Jun Wu Xie seriously.

    Jun Wu Xie knew Yue Ye was not joking. Her understanding of Medicine allowed Jun Wu Xie to realize the kind of gift Yue Ye possessed towards poison and Yue Ye was still so young. If in the future, she is given enough time, the poisons that she would be able to create would definitely astound the world.

    One who could patiently endure it for so many years in the Shadow Moon Palace and was even able to secretly slowly assassinate the Shadow Moon Palace Lord at such a young age, Yue Ye's abilities definitely surpassed every one of her peers.

    If Yue Ye was not faced with Jun Wu Xie this time, it was highly probable that she would have already succeeded.

    "Our objectives are the same. You want to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace and I want freedom. If it's possible, we can also work together. I am thinking, that this is the reason you are here to see me for right? Afterall, seeking to destroy the Shadow Moon Palace would be fastest if you strike directly at the Palace Lord, and I am your most suitable candidate." Yue Ye slowly revealed her plans as she spoke, not because she was naively trusting others so easily, but because Yue Ye had already realized that Jun Wu Xie had guessed everything in her heart, or she would not have come right here knocking on her door.

    Jun Wu Xie's arrival, already showed Yue Ye that she no longer had much in the way of secrets before Jun Wu Xie.

    As someone who was able to neutralize her poison, Jun Wu Xie's abilities could not be doubted. If she continued to try any tricks at this point, Yue Ye knew that the one on the losing end would surely be her.

    "I like to work with intelligent people." Jun Wu Xie was highly satisfied with Yue Ye's performance, and it could be said that Yue Ye's intelligence was higher than most people. She had spoken honestly on many things, but had at the same time withheld a part as secret.

    Like her knowledge in poison for example, from where it had come from was not mentioned by Yue Ye at all.

    But Jun Wu Xie did not mind it.

    She had gotten what she came here for.

    There was one point about what Yue Ye did that Jun Wu Xie greatly admired. And that was she kept grudges and grace distinctly separated. From Yue Ye's point of view, Jun Wu Xie was a tiger who stood in the way of her plans, but because of what Yue Yi said, she then decided to change her plan.
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