Chapter 1824: “Secretly Conspiring (4)”

    Chapter 1824: "Secretly Conspiring (4)"

    "But I was thinking at that time if I were to just kill you off, Elder Yue would surely be happier and I would be able to rid myself of a problem." Yue Ye said, her eyes blinking at Jun Wu Xie, like she was completely unaware of just how vicious the words that had come out of her mouth had been.

    Jun Wu Xie did not mind it in the slightest.

    "I am thinking, that I should prepare a gift in return for Elder Yue." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed. To deal with her, Elder Yue had really gone out of the way to wreck his brains. If Yue Ye had really done that, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's rage could very well be imagined. Punishing Jun Wu Xie would naturally be a given, but the matter would definitely also implicate Yue Ye and it was no guarantee that Yue Ye would not have to suffer for it as well.

    Elder Yue had presented Yue Ye up to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord all because he wanted to plant a pawn by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's side.

    But in order to deal with her, Elder Yue had not hesitated to even make use of his pawn, Yue Ye.

    It could be well imagined, just how much hatred he harboured against Jun Wu Xie, and he just couldn't to get rid of her.

    "What do you want to do?" Yue Ye asked Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie curled up the ends of her mouth and beckoned at Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye went walking over.

    Jun Wu Xie whispered softly beside Yue Ye's ear and the expression on Yue Ye's face went from doubtful to surprise.

    "You're sure?" Yue Ye asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie. She had thought that she was already rather maniacal herself, and she had not expected that she would come to meet someone who was more of a lunatic than she was!

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head. She had already explained things rather adequately and she then stood up.

    "Everything can be carried out based on what we've already discussed and you will only need to be responsible for your own tasks. As for the parts that I need to do, I will deal with them properly."

    "Alright." Yue Ye answered simply.

    Jun Wu Xie turned around and walked out from Yue Ye's room, and she left the fragrance sachet she brought here behind on the table in Yue Ye's room.

    It was until Jun Wu Xie had left, that Yue Ye came walking to the side of the table and picked up the fragrance sachet that had been picked open. She carefully picked out the tiny pills the size of rice grains and put them safely in a bottle before she used a needle and thread to sew up the opening on the fragrance sachet once again.

    Her hand clasping the sewed up fragrance sachet, Yue Ye's brows creased up slightly together.

    She had tried very hard to appear calm earlier, but only she herself knew that her hands that had been hidden within her sleeves had been all covered in sweat.

    Towards her abilities in poisons, Yue Ye was highly confident, or it would have been possible that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to be poisoned for so many years without her being discovered by anyone.

    But she had struck at Jun Wu Xie twice and she had not once succeeded. She had been seen through by Jun Wu Xie in the shortest period of time and Yue Ye was almost certain that before Jun Wu Xie came to look for her, Jun Wu Xie had already guessed a large part of the truth.

    This was the smartest person Yue Ye had ever encountered in her life and she looked to be a serene and tranquil person but possessed a pair of eyes that could see right into people's hearts.

    Dealing with people like that, was highly strenuous for her.

    No matter how intelligent Yue Ye was, she was afterall still a little fella who was merely twelve year old, caught within the demonic lair that was the Shadow Moon Palace, forced to quickly grow up that made her know more things than her other peers, but all that was still not enough for her to be pitted against Jun Wu Xie.

    It was only till that moment that Yue Ye finally regained her senses. She had told Jun Wu Xie a lot, almost coming completely clean with everything about herself.

    But from Jun Wu Xie's mouth, the only she got was Jun Wu Xie's objective in coming to the Shadow Moon Palace.

    Besides that.....

    There was absolutely nothing.

    "Why do I seem to feel like I've been had?" Yue Ye said gloomily, as she wrinkled her nose.
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