Chapter 1825: “Flagrant Framing (1)”

    Chapter 1825: "Flagrant Framing (1)"

    Truth to be told.....

    Yue Ye had indeed been defrauded by Jun Wu Xie.

    Not to mention having muddlely come clean on everything about herself, at the end of it all what she got in exchange from Jun Wu Xie was just useless information.

    Even if Jun Wu Xie had not said it, Yue Ye would have guessed on her own that Jun Wu Xie's objectives were against the Shadow Moon Palace.

    Always having prided herself as smarter than others, Yue Ye was for once made to look stupid, being led the entire time by Jun Wu Xie to say things that she both should and shouldn't have said.

    It must be said.....

    For these two young girls who had similarly matured early, Jun Wu Xie still firmly surpassed Yue Ye by a stretch.

    Of course, Yue Ye was also the only one person, who after having made an attempt on Jun Wu Xie's life, got discovered, and was not toyed to death by Jun Wu Xie, but had instead become Jun Wu Xie's ally.

    Speaking from another perspective, Yue Ye could be considered to be very lucky.

    After Jun Wu Xie walked out from Yue Ye's little courtyard, she went back to her room.

    Two days passed in the blink of an eye and Elder Yue frequently came in and out from Yue Ye's little courtyard, while assigning several tasks to Yue Yi at the same time, to not give Yue Yi any spare time to go see Yue Ye.

    One day in the evening, the light of dusk spilled across the land as Yue Ye slowly came to Jun Wu Xie's little courtyard.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked at the little girl bathed within the dusk's golden light, and she put down the book she had been flipping through.

    "Senior Chang Huan, can I come in and have a seat?" Yue Ye asked as she blinked her eyes while looking at Jun Wu Xie, her tone of voice highly innocent but that pair of large eyes on her face were almost unnoticeably glancing behind her, at the entrance of the courtyard.

    Jun Wu Xie noticed that brief instant of a signal from Yue Ye and slowly lowered her eyes as she said indifferently: "You may."

    Yue Ye's face carried a timid smile as she walked towards Jun Wu Xie, and then sat down just beside her.

    "Senior Chang Huan, I heard that when you were at the Pure Grace Palace, you took great care of my Big Brother and I had not had the opportunity to thank you all this while. It just happened that I brought some little snacks from the kitchen over here and if Senior Chang Huan does not mind them, then please have some." While saying that, Yue Ye put the box of snacks she was carrying in her hands down on the table, her face nervous as she looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie opened the box and reached her hand out for a piece. Before she had even put it in her mouth, Yue Ye who was seated beside her suddenly screamed out.

    "Senior Chang Huan! What do you think you are doing?"

    Yue Ye's face had changed drastically as she just stood up from the stone bench on her own, ignoring Jun Wu Xie completely as she reached her hand out to pull and tear at the clothes upon her own body.

    With a loud split, Yue Ye's sleeve was forcefully torn off by herself.

    Jun Wu Xie watched everything that was happening before her calmly, without the slightest ripple of emotion in her eyes.

    Yue Ye's voice was pitiful and highly flustered, and if one did not see what was happening within the courtyard but just heard that scream, anyone would immediately assume that she had met with a mishap.

    Accompanying Yue Ye's pitiful cry, several men dressed in the Shadow Moon Palace's uniform suddenly came rushing in!

    "Save me!" Yue Ye wailed as she ran away from beside Jun Wu Xie, crystalline tears flowing down her clear little face, the little figure trembling slightly like she had just suffered aggrievement as vast as the Heavens, sobbing like a pear blossom in rain as she hid behind the intruders.

    "Chang Huan! How brazenly bold of you! You actually dared to take liberties against Yue Ye!" The leader of the group of Shadow Moon Palace disciples shouted as he glared at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie was calm as she watched all of this, her gaze then falling upon Yue Ye hidden behind the group of people.

    It must be said, that Yue Ye's acting was truly exquisite.

    Just seeing the way she looked, she was truly highly pitiful.
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