Chapter 1826: “Flagrant Framing (2)”

    Chapter 1826: "Flagrant Framing (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie was calm as she watched all of this, her gaze then falling upon Yue Ye hidden behind the group of people.

    It must be said, that Yue Ye's acting was truly exquisite.

    Just seeing the way she looked, she was truly highly pitiful.

    The several Shadow Moon disciples did not wait for an explanation before they surrounded Jun Wu Xie heavily. From the start to end, there wasn't much of an expression on Jun Wu Xie's face, but she just watched the whole clumsy display of a set up with a cold gaze.

    There was not a single semblance of technique to speak of at all but just carried with flagrantly impunity.

    "Chang Huan." An old sounding voice suddenly sounded, and Elder Yue came walking in slowly through the entrance to the courtyard. Staring at Jun Wu Xie who was well surrounded, the venom in his eyes was completely undisguised.

    "Tell me, why are you always up to no good? When you wounded those disciples in the palace before, the Palace Lord forgave you for it. When you broke out from the dungeon, the Palace Lord had also forgiven you for that. But now you have actually committed such a nefarious deed, bankrupt of all moral decency. It seems that your abominable nature would not change and I would really like to see whether the Palace Lord will continue to forgive you in this matter." Elder Yue said with the edges of his mouth curled up, looking at Jun Wu Xie wickedly. He did not believe that Jun Wu Xie would still be able to escape unscathed in this round.

    In order to frame Jun Wu Xie, he had even implicated Yue Ye into it. Having paid such a high price, all just to break off this wing of Elder Ying's.

    Once Jun Wu Xie was crushed, then Elder Ying would definitely be dragged into it, and along with that, his status and position in the Shadow Moon Palace would be completely toppled. Never would he then have the chance to climb back up.

    With this step, Elder Yue was highly confident. He did not believe that Jun Wu Xie could possibly still turn things around.

    "I would now like to see if you still have anything to say for yourself." Elder Yue sneered.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Yue looking triumphant with glee, while she remained uncannily composed.

    "You are that confident?" Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

    "It's not that I'm confident, but it's just that you have been repeatedly courting death. Yue Ye is so innocent and pure, how could she possibly lie? Look at how pitiful she looks, anyone seeing that will feel anguished. Moreover, so many of us here saw you committing the deed, could this many of us here all be wrong?" Elder Yue said unperturbed, the glee in his tone of voice undisguised.

    This time, he came here with utmost confidence that he would be able to push Jun Wu Xie over into the abyss, and no matter how articulate Jun Wu Xie was, there was no way of arguing her way out of this.

    Yue Ye was still so young, and was highly timid, which the Shadow Moon Palace Lord knew very well. No one would ever believe that Yue Ye could possibly frame anyone.

    "Alright then." Jun Wu Xie stood up.

    The disciples surrounding her immediately retreated a few steps. Even though their objective today was clear, but Jun Wu Xie's powers still made them rather fearful.

    "I'll go with you to see the Palace Lord." Since Elder Yue wanted to play so badly, then she would play with him good and proper.

    Only wishing that he had better not regret it.

    Elder Yue saw Jun Wu Xie's reaction with satisfaction, his head lifted slightly.

    "Then shall we go? There is no need for you to drag it out any longer. Elder Ying has been sent out of the palace on an inspection by the Palace Lord, and he will not be returning for quite a while. No one will be able to save you." Elder Yue said with a laugh.

    Upon saying that, Elder Yue turned himself around and walked towards the outside of the courtyard, and before he left, he pulled the still sobbing Yue Ye along with him.

    Yue Ye was dragged along by Elder Yue to leave. She turned her head to look at Jun Wu Xie as she continued to sob, and in those large eyes that were brimming with tears, a peculiar glint flashed briefly, but was quickly concealed by Yue Ye.

    Jun Wu Xie walked out of her own courtyard while being watched and escorted by a bunch of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's disciples, following behind Elder Yue as they made their way towards the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's main palace hall.

    What kind of a show would be waiting for her there?

    She would just wait and see.
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