Chapter 1827: “Flagrant Framing (3)”

    Chapter 1827: "Flagrant Framing (3)"

    In the Shadow Moon Palace's main hall, the Shadow Moon Place Lord was glowing radiantly as he sat in the ruling seat. As his health had gradually turned for the better, it allowed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord who had been dispirited for so long seem to feel like he had regained back his condition from a few years back and his body no longer felt so lethargic.

    No Palace Lord would refuse such a perfect condition of health and he wished for nothing more than to grasp at this period of time, and pick up all the pieces he had neglected these past few years.

    Over the past few days, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had been in good spirits and he had been smiling a lot more as well.

    But someone just had to come disturb the great spirits that had been so hard to come by.

    Currently perusing the reports of the Shadow Moon Palace, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord suddenly heard someone announcing an arrival and he raised up his head to look at the person who made the announcement.

    "What is it this time? Do you need to be so flustered?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked as his brows creased together. He had seldom been involved with the Shadow Moon Palace's affairs the past few years and most of it had been handed over to Elder Yue and Elder Ying. Now that he was taking over once again, although he was exhilarated, but wanting to get a complete grasp of everything still took quite a lot out of him.

    "My Lord..... Elder Yue brought some men here, and they said that the matter concerns Chang Huan."

    "It's Elder Yue again?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord furrowed his brows slightly. Elder Yue had been with the Shadow Moon Palace a longer time than he had. It could even be said that Elder Yue had watched him grow up and even after he became the Palace Lord, he was still highly respectful to Elder Yue. But he was no fool and he could naturally see that Elder Yue had repeatedly tried to pick on Jun Wu Xie.

    With Jun Wu Xie, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was highly satisfied with her. A youth that was highly gifted and unwaveringly loyal, which was just what the Shadow Moon Palace needed the most. Additionally, the Melted Snow Elixir that Jun Wu Xie presented to him had been extremely helpful to him and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was very fond of this young disciple in his heart.

    With Elder Yue trying to make things difficult for Jun Wu Xie, it had more or less made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord think it unsuitable.

    "Alright, let them come in." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord gave a wave of his hand, and then put the scroll he was holding aside.

    Very soon, Elder Yue came striding into the palace hall, and at his side, with a pale and ashen looking Yue Ye, her clothes in a state of disarray.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had been smiling, but when he saw the wrecked state that Yue Ye was in, the smile at the corners of his mouth immediately disappeared without a trace left.

    "My Lord!" Elder Yue knelt down and howled.

    Yue Ye then followed suit and knelt, trembling slightly.

    And stepping into the palace hall right behind, Jun Wu Xie who was lined by a bunch of disciples watching over her then peacefully knelt in the middle of the hall.

    "Elder Yue, what is going on here?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked, a tinge of impatience shrouding over his heart, as the situation before his eyes made him feel that something was wrong.

    "My Lord! I beg for you to address this for Little Ye! Although Little Ye is not your subordinate's biological granddaughter, but I have brought her up by my side from when she was still very young, and I treat her no differently than if she was of my blood. Your subordinate has always doted on Little Ye very much and had never thought that Little Ye would come to suffer such humiliation today. I implore for my Lord to right the wrong done upon Little Ye!" Without a word about anything else, Elder Yue had immediately howled for justice to be done for the aggrievement suffered before the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, the highly rueful and mournful cry in desperate plea, sounding very emotionally moving.

    "What kind of humiliation did Little Ye suffer?" As expected, after the Shadow Moon Palace Lord heard that Yue Ye had suffered humiliation, his face had changed drastically, his eyes filling up with rage.

    Elder Yue made a grand gesture of raising up a hand, to point it straight at Jun Wu Xie who was kneeling on one side of him, and his voice filled with raging hatred, he said: "It's Chang Huan! Chang Huan took advantage of the fact that he enjoyed the favour my Lord bestowed upon him, and grew so arrogant that thinks everyone has to bow down to him, that he actually attempted to take liberties with Little Ye! If your subordinate had not managed to rush there in time, I'm afraid....."
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