Chapter 1828: “Flagrant Framing (4)”

    Chapter 1828: "Flagrant Framing (4)"

    "What did you say! ?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord glared with his eyes widened, his shocked gaze sweeping between Yue Ye and Jun Wu Xie.

    "My Lord! Your subordinate has also been helpless against it! Chang Huan had prided himself to have won credit by presenting my Lord with the medicine and had been getting more brazen and wilful with his actions over the recent period. Your subordinate knows that he is highly valued by my Lord and the fact that he is also a disciple groomed by Elder Ying made me not dare to exert any control upon him. But today, as Little Ye thought to go thank Chang Huan on her elder brother's behalf, no one could have expected that when she had just reached Chang Huan's residence, Chang Huan had immediately lost his sensibilities and set his claws all over Little Ye, seeking to take liberties with her. It was fortunate that the disciple that escorted Little Ye there noticed that something was amiss and he was injured by Chang Huan when he stepped up to stop him. Your subordinate had then immediately rushed over upon hearing of the news." Elder Yue harshly criticised Jun Wu Xie's wilful impudence. And at the moment his voice dropped, a highly battered and badly bruised youth came walking into the palace hall to kneel down, timelily corroborating with Elder Yue's words.

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over to look at the youth kneeling there with his shining bruises and a chill rose inside her eyes. From the moment Yue Ye had come into her little courtyard till the time she was "invited" to come to the main palace hall, she had not ever met this disciple, but Elder Yue was forcibly pinning the responsibility for this person's injuries, right onto her head.

    In order to bring her down, Elder Yue had really gone to great lengths.

    To have arranged everything so appropriately for every single crime she was being accused of.

    "Reporting to my Lord..... your disciple wanted to stop Chang Huan, but was not a match for him at all, and hence had....." The injured disciple was shaking as he knelt there on the floor, not daring to even raise up his head, looking like he had been overcome with terror from the beating that Jun Wu Xie had given him.

    The words of that disciple had been filled with trembles and it was not merely due to him being too heavily injured, but it was also from fear.

    A green vein throbbed violently on the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's forehead, his eyes imbued with rage as he stared at Jun Wu Xie kneeling in the palace hall.

    Elder Yue's words, the disciple's words, and the pitiful state that Yue Ye was in all seemed to be pinning the crime dead set upon Jun Wu Xie, not giving her the slightest chance to retaliate in the slightest.

    "Chang Huan, is what they are all saying true?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked through gritted teeth as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. If the incident today had fallen upon any other disciple, he would not have even asked a single word but would have immediately have the person executed.

    But even then, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's rage was already clearly evident in his tone.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head slowly, her gaze calm as she looked at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord who was trying very hard to suppress his rage.

    "What does my Lord think?" Jun Wu Xie queried instead of answering.

    The expression on the face of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord then became uglier.

    Was Chang Huan turning around and questioning him instead! ?

    Elder Yue snickered inside his heart. If Jun Wu Xie was to weep and cry for mercy, pleading for a redress of the grievance he was suffering, it must be able to appease the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's rage a little. But with such direct and candid words being used, it was as good as her questioning the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's judgement, which would not only serve no effect in helping herself, but cause the fire in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart to burn more intensely!

    "Chang Huan! Even when you're before the Palace Lord you still dare to be so impetuous! ? When the Palace Lord asks you a question, you will just need to answer it properly! Could you have forgotten your own identity? How dare you question the Palace Lord!" Elder Yue's face was cold and hard as he berated Jun Wu Xie, his heart wishing that Jun Wu Xie would become even more audacious, to make the Shadow Moon Palace Lord completely vexed with him.

    Jun Wu Xie could not even be bothered to look at Elder Yue at all but just fixed her gaze upon the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and said in a tone that was neither servile nor hostile: "Is there even anything that I need to explain for? My Lord is both brilliant and wise and would naturally have your own judgement. For things that I have never done, I am of the belief that my Lord would declare me innocent."
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