Chapter 1829: “Flagrant Framing (5)”

    Chapter 1829: "Flagrant Framing (5)"

    Jun Wu Xie could not even be bothered to look at Elder Yue at all but just fixed her gaze upon the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and said in a tone that was neither servile nor hostile: "Is there even anything that I need to explain for? My Lord is both brilliant and wise and would naturally have your own judgement. For things that I have never done, I am of the belief that my Lord would declare me innocent."

    "....." Elder Yue's eyes flared wide to stare incredulously at Jun Wu Xie. Things have already reached such a stage and Jun Wu Xie could still say such words so calmly, which was truly beyond what he could have expected.

    There was no rebuttal, and no rage. The wasn't even the kind of indignant fury when one was being falsely accused and Jun Wu Xie was just merely showing her belief in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord in the most calm demeanor.

    Elder Yue had thought Jun Wu Xie would dig her own grave but just that one statement had changed the situation completely.

    Her calmness and the words she said to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was imperceptibly telling the Shadow Moon Palace something.

    It made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord have no choice but to do everything he could to calm himself down, to seriously reassess the veracity of the entire situation, and not allow himself to be led just by a bellyful of rage.

    When faced with a disciple who possessed such high gift and had helped him greatly before to say such words relaying his strong trust, even if the Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt very much like exploding in rage, he would have to think hard about it first.

    A disciple who had such a grave accusation pinned onto him was could still be so calm, the Palace Lord just could not help but start to think whether there could have been a misunderstanding within.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord drew in a deep breath and leaned back in his ruling seat, his eyes narrowed as he looked at the cold and indifferent Jun Wu Xie.

    If he were to just carelessly declare Jun Wu Xie's guilt, it would also bring harm upon the trust and authourity he commanded as the Melted Snow Elixir that Jun Wu Xie presented to him before had helped him greatly afterall, and that was no secret throughout the Shadow Moon Palace.

    "Chang Huan, since you believe in my judgement and you feel that you are innocent, then shouldn't you tell me of everything that happened in this incident completely? I am willing to believe in your character, but as so many people are willing to stand as witnesses and if you do not explain a thing or two, basing it just on my trust in you alone will not be able to convince the masses." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had taken a great deal of effort before he was willing to suppress the fiery rage he felt in his heart.

    Yue Ye's relationship with him, in the entire Shadow Moon Palace, only Elder Yue alone knew.

    Even if the rage was raging in flames in his heart, he could not let it show too obviously.

    The flames that had initially been poised to spread, was gradually quenched by just a few words from Jun Wu Xie. The rage that Elder Yue had sought to fan and incite in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord for him to execute Jun Wu Xie in the shortest time possible had gone down the drain.

    And all of this, had long been within Jun Wu Xie's control.

    Elder Yue had wanted to use the feelings that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord held towards Yue Ye to frame her. But Elder Yue had forgotten just one point. And that was the guilty conscience and shame that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt!

    As the Palace Lord of the Shadow Moon Palace, it was very normal that he would have a girl he likes. But when the target of his affections was a little girl that was just twelve years of age, that normality became a strange situation. Even when he was the Palace Lord, he would not dare to reveal his heart's true desires or how would he be able to uphold his reputation?

    The very thing that Elder Yue wanted to use against her, had coincidentally been reversed by Jun Wu Xie to retaliate against him.

    And it was because of that layer of relations that made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord still hold certain misgivings despite the raging fury he felt, to have no choice but to look into it completely, before making a decision on it.

    "I have never harmed Yue Ye. Yue Ye had indeed come to thank me, but what Elder Yue accused me of just now, I did not do it." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord calmly. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's head had by this time cleared up, awoken from the blinding rage.

    And now after this.....

    It's her turn to retaliate!
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