Chapter 1830: “Retaliation (1)”

    Chapter 1830: "Retaliation (1)"

    "Chang Huan, you're still thinking to deny it? Don't tell me that Little Ye's clothes were torn by herself? And this person's injuries were self inflicted? Do you really think that everyone here is blind and were not able to see what you did?" Elder Yue hurried to harp and push the matter further seeing that Jun Wu Xie was bringing stability into the situation.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Elder Yue, laughing coldly to herself in her heart.

    [Isn't what he said all true?]

    [Whether that disciple had inflicted his injuries on himself, she could not be certain, but, for Yue Ye's clothes, wasn't it ripped up by herself?]

    [Thinking to falsely accuse her like this, you just wait!]

    "My Lord, Yue Ye's clothes were not ripped up by herself and it was not done by any of the disciples but was actually by Elder Yue." Jun Wu Xie threw out that shocking statement all of a sudden.

    "What?" With that, even the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was completely stunned.

    [What is happening here?]

    [Jun Wu Xie was actually claiming that Yue Ye's clothes were ripped by Elder Yue?]

    [Did he hear that correctly?]

    Elder Yue's face flushed a deep red with anger from Jun Wu Xie's words as he raised a hand to point at Jun Wu Xie and shouted: "What kind of a atrocious lie is this little bastard here spouting! ? Little Ye is my granddaughter so how would I....."

    "Whether you will or not, you have already done it. And you cannot now just turn it around to pin it upon me head only because I stumbled upon you committing such a nefarious deed. Elder Yue, do you know how many people are clearly aware of the kind of things you secretly do in the Shadow Moon Palace? Have you really sincerely treated Yue Ye and Yue Yi as your granddaughter and grandson?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she stared coldly at Elder Yue.

    [This time, he came to court his own death, and there was no one else for him to blame.]

    "What nonsense are you saying! ?" Elder Yue's heart was greatly startled. He had never thought that Jun Wu Xie would suddenly point up his unusual inclinations at a time like this.

    Elder Yue's pedophilia was no longer that much of a secret in the Shadow Moon Palace and not only the Palace Lord and the various Elders knew about it, but some of the disciples who had been in the Shadow Moon Palace for a longer period of time have also heard something about it as well.

    In the beginning, the victims of Elder Yue's oppression were all done under the cover of adoption and it was because of Yue Yi's gifted talent that made Elder Yue reluctant to waste such a good pawn that he then simply turned and set his sight upon the younger disciples within the palace. All these disciples had lost their lives not too long after, unable to endure through Elder Yue's evil claws. In the Shadow Moon Palace, young disciples often went missing and everyone turned a blind eye to these incidents and they did not dare to even bring it up at all.

    But though unspoken of, everyone knew in the hearts just what it really was.

    "I'm spouting nonsense? Elder Yue, I would like to ask you one thing. When I went with Senior Yue Yi to the Pure Grace Palace, why were there so many hidden scars from old wounds on his body?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow arched, revealing what she saw when she had treated Yue Yi's injuries back in the Pure Grace Palace.

    "Lies!" Elder Yue was feeling rather flustered.

    Jun Wu Xie gave a cold laugh and then raised her head to look at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    "My Lord, in regards to Elder Yue's inclinations and preferences, your disciple should not be commenting on it. But your disciple really just cannot bear to see Elder Yue bullying such a young and innocent little girl and I had not thought that a single moment of your disciple's nosiness had instead led Elder Yue to exact revenge upon me in such a manner. My Lord can look into the truth of the matter carefully as your disciple's conscience is clear." In order to send someone to his doom, one did not need to spell everything out too clearly, but merely to plant the seed of suspicion, and then just wait for it to sprout and grow.

    Elder Yue had never in his dreams ever thought that Jun Wu Xie could be so composed in thought, even in a situation that was so highly disadvantageous to her, that she would still able to turn things around to bite back into him, latching tightly right onto Elder Yue's faults so hard that Elder Yue could not even say a thing in rebuttal.
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