Chapter 1831: “Retaliation (2)”

    Chapter 1831: "Retaliation (2)"

    And how could the Shadow Moon Palace Lord not know of Elder Yue's private inclinations and perverse habits?

    The matter with Yue Yi was true, and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord knew about it clearly. With that fact, Jun Wu Xie had turned this incident with Yue Ye right onto Elder Yue's head, and the credibility of her accusation increased a whole fold!

    This caused Elder Yue to be unable to refute it as though the matter with Yue Yi was known to the Palace Lord, even if he did not admit it, it would only make the Palace Lord grow more suspicious.

    At that moment, Elder Yue's situation became highly awkward. He could not fathom how Jun Wu Xie could remain so calm in that situation where everyone's word was against hers but she was still able to find such an opportunity to retaliate.

    The shade on the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face turned ugly. His nerves had been pricked by Jun Wu Xie's words and the gaze he looked at Elder Yue with began to be tinged with suspicion.

    Chang Huan had not stirred up much trouble in the time he had been in the Shadow Moon Palace before, and besides the fact that his character had not been all that likeable, he had not done anything that strayed out of line all that much. Instead of believing that Chang Huan would have the audacity to invite trouble onto himself with Yue Ye, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt that the possibility of Elder Yue committing that deed was higher.

    And linking that to the way that Elder Yue had been picking on Chang Huan over the recent period, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord could not help but grow suspicious of Elder Yue deep inside his heart.

    Elder Yue could already read the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's eyes very well and terror filled his heart. The eyes of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord upon him clearly told him that the Palace Lord had already become suspicious of him.

    "Little Ye, just what exactly happened in this incident today, tell it to the Palace Lord now!" Elder Yue had become nervous and anxious. His heart was filled with an ominous premonition. If he was unable to let the Shadow Moon Palace Lord believe that everything was all Jun Wu Xie's doing, that the big hat that he had weaved today would then fall right upon his head!

    With things having turned to such a juncture, Elder Yue could do nothing but drag Yue Ye out to the front.

    Hearing her name being called out by Elder Yue, Yue Ye's body trembled visibly, causing the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart to wince in pain to see that highly pitiful sight.

    "My Lord....." Yue Ye called out weakly, further turning the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart into mush, unconsciously softening the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's demeanor and tone of voice.

    "Little Ye, whatever aggrievement you have suffered today, just tell it to me straight. I will definitely redress it for you."

    Seeing that his health was improving by the day, he only had to wait till he finished dealing with the palace's affairs and he would then be able to properly "treat dearly" this little person, but who would have thought that such an incident would suddenly crop up.

    Yue Ye raised her head up to look at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and it might be due to her feeling highly aggrieved, large bean sized teardrops brimmed up in her eyes as they fell out from the corners, her pale lips tightly pressed up together.

    "Little Ye, there is no need to be afraid. The Palace Lord will seek redress for you. Just speak up." Elder Yue urged impatiently.

    Yue Ye's body trembled slightly once more and the eyes that looked up at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord grew more terrified.

    "My Lord..... Little Ye..... Little Ye is scared....." Yue Ye's tears trickled down her cheeks and accompanied by her trembling voice, she looked so highly pitiful that made people just want to wrap her up in an embrace, to comfort her properly.

    "Little Ye, don't be afraid with me here." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord coaxed patiently.

    "Little Ye does not dare to say it....." Yue Ye lowered down her head with her lips pressed tightly together.

    "In this place of mine, then there is nothing for you to fear to say. Come over here to me. I'll protect you." An unbearable itch rose in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart, elicited by the pitiful sight of Yue Ye and he quickly patted his hand on the space beside him to indicate for Yue Ye to go over.

    Yue Ye glanced nervously at Elder Yue and Elder Yue urged her to go with his eyes.

    He was highly pleased with Yue Ye's performance as the more she stirred up the Palace Lord's sympathy, the more she would be able to incite his urge to shield her. And once Yue Ye opened her mouth, no matter how Jun Wu Xie denied it, it would not be of any use.
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