1833 Retaliation 4

    "My Lord, this....." Elder Yue was becoming rather flustered. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's response was causing a sense of unease to surge up inside him.

    Today's plan had clearly been to have Jun Wu Xie dealt with but the Palace Lord had not only let Jun Wu Xie go back safe and sound but had snatched the custody of Yue Ye away from him. What did this mean with everything that was happening?

    Elder Yue was not a complete idiot and he was certain that the words Yue Ye had told the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was definitely not what he had instructed her to say before.

    [Why did it turn out like this?]

    [Where had he gone wrong?]

    Elder Yue wanted to ask Yue Ye what she had actually said but the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's eyes were fixed glaringly upon him, completely not allowing him the slightest chance to come into any form of contact with Yue Ye. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's decision had completely severed all ties between Elder Yue and Yue Ye and no matter how much Elder Yue wanted to get some answers from Yue Ye, it was no longer possible.

    "Elder Yue. Are you feeling dissatisfied in any way towards my decision?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's voice turned chillier a notch.

    Elder Yue was suddenly taken aback and based on how well he knew the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, he could already hear the note of impatience in the Palace Lord's words.

    With that, Elder Yue really almost wanted to vomit out blood. Not only had he failed to bring down Jun Wu Xie with today's events, he had somehow also been inexplicably dragged in himself to become implicated. From what he had seen of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's words and expressions, Yue Ye must have said something not advantageous to him which had caused the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to come to feel displeased with him.

    "Your subordinate does not dare. The fact that Yue Ye has been able to gain my Lord's acknowledgement is your subordinate's honour." Elder Yue forcibly pushed back the strong urge to vomit out blood as he lowered down his head, his face gone pale, to retreat out from the palace hall wretchedly.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord watched Elder Yue depart with a cold gaze till Elder Yue's back view had disappeared from his sight completely before he turned his head as the harsh and cold expression on his face then softened, to be replaced by gentleness. He looked smilingly at Yue Ye standing beside him and he reached his hand out to clasp it over Yue Ye's icy cold hand.

    "Little Ye has nothing to fear from now onwards. I will take good care of you."

    Yue Ye nodded her head obediently and the corners of her eyes still brimmed with teardrops, looking adorably pitiful.

    Her lashes that were still glistening from tears lowered together with her eyes, to hide the glint of cold laughter that flashed and disappeared immediately.

    Yue Ye then moved out from her original residence and went to stay right beside the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's bedchambers. All those people whom Elder Yue had arranged to take care of her meals and daily needs at her residence were also replaced by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's subordinates as well.

    At that moment, voices rose in debate within the Shadow Moon Palace as no one knew what had actually happened.

    They had seen Elder Yue leading a group of aggressive looking disciples who were forcibly bringing Jun Wu Xie to go see the Palace Lord but Jun Wu Xie had come out from there safe and sound and it was Elder Yue who had instead lost a granddaughter for no reason.

    Towards that situation, many people were highly curious but none of them dared to go dig into the matter.

    Night fell, and the Shadow Moon Palace descended back into silence.

    A tiny figure fleeted past under the darkness, to silently arrive at an ancillary courtyard that had just been tidied up.

    Inside the yard, the moonlight shone brightly and Yue Ye was squatting among the flowerbeds, digging out the pretty but impractical flowers stalk by stalk from within the soil. Just beside her, it was filled with a bunch of flower pots that carried the plants that she had planted and cared for in the previous little courtyard she had originally stayed in. Now that her place of residence had moved, she did not bring much of other things but just all moved all of the plants she had cultivated for many years.
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