Chapter 1832: “Retaliation (3)”

    Chapter 1832: "Retaliation (3)"

    Yue Ye hesitated for a good while before she stood up and walked over slowly as she trembled to the Palace Lord's side, to stand there reservedly.

    "Little Ye, now you have nothing to fear. Quickly tell me who is it that bullied you." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord resisted the powerful longing to wrap his arms around Yue Ye to say in a gentle voice.

    Yue Ye bit on her lip and looked at Jun Wu Xie kneeling there in the palace hall before her eyes that was brimming with tears gazed between Jun Wu Xie and Elder Yue.

    The entire enormous palace hall fell into absolute silence at that moment as everyone waited for Yue Ye's answer with bated breath.

    Finally, Yue Ye drew in a deep breath and turned her head to whisper softly into the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's ear.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's gaze began to take on a razor sharp edge as Yue Ye continued to whisper. He did not direct his gaze towards anyone in the main hall but just furrowed up his brows tightly together, as he stared at the marble slabs on the floor.

    Elder Yue's eyes were filled with smiles. He had already instructed Yue Ye on what to say to the Palace Lord and he was not worried in the slightest. He turned highly pleased with himself to look at Jun Wu Xie at the side, only awaiting the Palace Lord's rage to smite this brat, who did not know death was upon him, into ashes!

    "Today's events is now clear to me." After Yue Ye finished speaking, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord drew in a deep breath and his chillingly sharp gaze fell upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    "Chang Huan."

    In the instant that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord called out the words "Chang Huan", the smile on Elder Yue's face could almost not be disguised any longer.

    "Your disciple awaits." Jun Wu Xie acknowledged calmly.

    "Today, you did not see anything, nor have you heard anything. You..... can leave now." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said suddenly, putting forth a conclusion that caused everyone's eyes to flare wide open in stare with their mouths agape.

    "....." The smile on Elder Yue's face congealed in that very instant. He stared with wide incredulous eyes, at Jun Wu Xie as she slowly got up at the side, completely unable to believe his own ears!

    [The Palace Lord is actually allowing Chang Huan to leave?]

    [How is that possible! ?]

    [At this moment, shouldn't the Palace Lord be throwing Chang Huan straight into the dungeon and executing him?]

    [Why is the Palace Lord letting him leave just like that?]

    With the result turning out completely different from what he expected, Elder Yue could not react at all for a moment.

    "Your disciple shall accede to my Lord's orders." Jun Wu Xie's face had the same calm and collected expression from beginning till the end, indifferent and unaffected as she retreated out from the palace hall.

    "The rest of you, you're all dismissed as well." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said, chasing the other disciples out impatiently.

    The disciples were all highly confused and baffled, as things were not at all happening as they had thought. All of them did not know what was happening at all, but as the Palace Lord had spoken, none of them have any more reason to remain behind, but to obediently get their behinds out of the palace hall.

    Within the wide and expansive palace hall, only Elder Yue, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and Yue Ye were left.

    For a while, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord did not open his mouth at all but merely narrowed his eyes as he stared at Elder Yue whose face was completely flustered.

    "Elder Yue, from now onwards, Yue Ye will stay in the palace right beside my bed chambers. She will henceforth be my direct disciple and will no longer be your granddaughter. All matters pertaining to Yue Ye after this shall be handled by me and you can go now." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's chillingly cold voice suddenly reverberated within the palace hall, like a bolt of lightning that struck Elder Yue right onto his head.

    Elder Yue looked at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord is disbelief, the words his ears heard were like the roll of endless drums, that quaked him to the core, suddenly feeling numb.

    [The Palace Lord's words mean.....]

    Elder Yue horrified gaze suddenly turned upon the tiny figure standing right beside the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    [What did she tell the Palace Lord! ?]
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