Chapter 1835: “Are You Still Short of Disciples (2)”

    Chapter 1835: "Are You Still Short of Disciples (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie's plan finally gave her an opportunity to completely break free from Elder Yue.

    "No need to thank me. We merely cooperated." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    Jun Wu Xie's calm response allowed Yue Ye to feel more secure in her heart and she then beamed with smiles like an any normal child would as she continued to work on the flowerbeds.

    And the two figures squatted under the moonlight like this beside the flowerbeds to work on the plants, both of them not speaking another word, the silence highly comforting.

    Yue Ye liked that momentary silence very much. She was not feeling on edge with fear, nor the need of neverending deception, but just purely doing what she liked to do as she dug out the entire bed of flowers before turning her head around to plant the herbs she had previously been growing into the dirt.

    Jun Wu Xie watched Yue Ye as she went about the work happily and she was silent a minute before she suddenly said: "If I were you, I will not plant Starry Moon Grass together with Saddle Flowers."

    Yue Ye was slightly taken aback, her hand still holding the little stem of Saddle Flower, her face looking rather mystified.

    "Why?" She had always planted them together all this time.

    "They both require lots of water and if you plant them too close together, they would be vying with each other which makes it harder for them to thrive." Jun Wu Xie explained it simply.

    Yue Ye looked at the Saddle Flower in her hand and then looked at the Starry Moon Grass already planted in the soil before her gaze finally fell upon Jun Wu Xie with a tint of surprise in her eyes.

    "You have a good understanding of herbs?"

    "Just about enough." Jun Wu Xie said in a exceptionally calm tone.

    "Liar. You clearly know a lot about them. I had thought it rather strange before, wondering how you managed to discover the drug I used so quickly. Is it that you know how to concoct poisons as well?" Yue Ye was acting like she had just discovered something new and novel, her large eyes shining as they stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Just about enough." Jun Wu Xie replied just as indifferently.

    "Ay! Don't work on them already. Instead hurry up and tell me what kind of uses do these herbs have?" Yue Ye was suddenly excited as she suddenly starting tugging at Jun Wu Xie to plead for instruction.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow as she looked at Yue Ye. "You do not know about these herbs?"

    Yue Ye's face reddened but she forcibly put on an adorably proud look on her face and said: "I know! But just not completely. Elder Yue had kept too tight a watch on me and I did not have any chance to go find any relevant books to read. Everything I know about these herbs were things I saw in an ancient manual."

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie looked straight at Yue Ye. She had thought before that the fact Yue Ye had been able to grasp such a level of medicine concoction under such unfavourable conditions was already strange by itself.

    "You..... You've got to believe me. You'll know I'm telling the truth when I show it to you." Yue Ye said, and then stood up to wipe her little hands casually upon her skirt, before she carefully pulled out a book wrapped with a handkerchief from inside her clothes.

    The book looked like it had seen quite a good number of years and it was already broken in quite a few places, looking a little tattered. Jun Wu Xie took the book from her and flipped through it, the crackling sound of the turning pages sounding exceptionally clear within that silence of the night.

    Jun Wu Xie sped read the book's contents ten lines at a time.

    Looking through it, she immediately realized where Yue Ye's bumbling knowledge had come from.

    Instead of saying that the book was a manual, it was more like a journal that recorded a person's insights. Inside, written in flamboyant calligraphy was all about the person's understanding and insights about the effects of herbs and he had made a large number of inferences and conclusions. The basis of these inferences, was how to concoct lethal poisonous drugs using non toxic herbs as its core fundamental.
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