Chapter 1836: “Are You Still Short of Disciples (3)”

    Chapter 1836: "Are You Still Short of Disciples (3)"

    Many types of herbs were recorded in the journal, but most of them were describing the specific corresponding properties needed to concoct the poisons but they did not state the most basic effects of those herbs.

    Little wonder Yue Ye would ask such a question.

    Jun Wu Xie returned the journal to Yue Ye and the eyes that looked at Yue Ye became highly interesting.

    The records in the journal were not complete and the scattered and fragmented information would cause people to easily fall in doubt. If one did not possess a certain level of basic knowledge about herbs, they would not be able to understand the writings even with the journal in their hands. But looking at Yue Ye, it would seem like Yue Ye could not possibly have learnt anything about Medicine before stumbling onto this journal and according to reason, she should not be able to understand the information written in there.

    But against all logic, Yue Ye had still managed to learn what she needed from there.

    But the kind of learning deviated from conventional methods which was as good as saying that before a person knew how to read, he was already grouping words together to form a spell.

    This was a highly amazing feat and it astounded even Jun Wu Xie.

    Maybe being caught in dire straits had brought out Yue Ye's potential which gave her that one single opportunity. Like a person who had fallen into a deep icy lake whose hand had managed to grasp upon a final life saving straw and no matter what, she would fight with all she had to live.

    "The things written in there, do you understand them?" Yue Ye looked at Jun Wu Xie with longing eyes.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Then..... then this flower is the Saddle Flower?" Yue Ye asked as she flipped the journal to the part that mentioned the Saddle Flower and upon it was only a sketch of the Saddle Flower without even indicating its name.

    It was clear that before Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to mention it earlier, Yue Ye did not even know what she was holding in her hand.....

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie said patiently.

    "What kind of uses does the flower have?" Yue Ye blinked her eyes as she looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Soothes the nerves."

    "Then this?"

    "Moon Gazing Grass."

    "What are its uses?"

    "Stems bleeding."

    "Then....." Yue Ye was like a child so thirsty for knowledge as she squatted beside Jun Wu Xie, opening up every single page of the journal and diligently raising questions to ask Jun Wu Xie. And after Jun Wu Xie responded, she would then carefully remember it in her heart.

    Jun Wu Xie was showing a rare moment of patience as she analysed everything in that journal for her once and she suddenly had an illusion that she was teaching little kids.

    Ever since Yue Ye had gotten the journal, she had always researched on her own in secret. She had never dared to ask anyone and she did not dare to let Elder Yue find out about the book's existence but merely depend on her own brain to slowly chew on what was written about every type of herb that was recorded in the journal. Even though the records were piecemeal and not complete, it had been to her, something that she treasured most.

    If not for this journal, she might not have been able to escape the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's evil claws.

    Under the moonlight, the backs of Yue Ye and Jun Wu Xie showed them squatting shoulder to shoulder by the flowerbeds, the two small figures looking to be in great harmony.

    "You know so much. You can concoct medicines?" Yue Ye had listened for a long while and her legs were already growing numb from squatting but she still could not bear to stop till she flipped the book to the very last page before she raised up her head still unsatiated as she looked at Jun Wu Xie.


    "Do you have great ability in concocting medicine? You mustn't lie to me. Even the physicians in the Shadow Moon Palace were not able to detect the things I learnt from this book but you could tell with just once glance that the Palace Lord had been poisoned. You must be really good at it." Yue Ye said as she looked at Jun Wu Xie with certainty.

    Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to nod her head.

    Yue Ye then gulped and looked at Jun Wu Xie with fervent eyes.

    "Then are you..... still short of disciples?"
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