Chapter 1837: “Are You Still Short of Disciples (4)”

    Chapter 1837: "Are You Still Short of Disciples (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie was a little taken aback as she saw how nervous Yue Ye was. The nervousness this time was anxiety that really stemmed from Yue Ye's heart.

    "I..... I might not know much at all but I will learn with all my heart. I know that I am completely useless now and will not be of any help to you,but..... I swear, I will be a good disciple. Can you teach me?" Yue Ye bit down on her lip a little reservedly after saying that. She was afterall a little girl that was just twelve years old and even if she was trying to put on a strong front, she was still a child who hasn't yet grown up at heart.

    She was able put up a false front before Elder Yue, pretend before the Shadow Moon Palace, and even act in front of her elder brother but..... at that very moment, she was just a bumbling and ignorant little girl, who could even be said to be a feeling a little inferior.

    "I know that you might even despise me, though I am..... rather wretched, but..... I beg you....." Yue Ye was feeling helplessly anxious. Help that was available to her was just too rare and in a place like the Shadow Moon Palace where people devoured each other, Yue Ye had clutched on to this last straw of hope and spared no effort to learn everything she could but it had still been far from enough. She merely sought to escape from this place, and live a  peaceful life with Yue Yi. She just wanted to be able to live.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the desperate plea in Yue Ye's eyes, a kind of struggle and yearning that would only show when one had no other way out.

    Finally, Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth.


    "Really? Thank you! Thank you!" The nervousness on Yue Ye's face melted away at that moment. She was rather flustered but the delight she felt in her heart could not be any clearer.

    "I..... I know..... I know it....." Yue Ye suddenly stood up, her legs feeling rather numb and she nearly fell over. But she ignored all of that and went on ahead to open her stride to run towards her room.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up slowly, and looked on at the back of Yue Ye's hurrying little figure. For just one moment, she seemed to see herself in the past.

    In the midst of hopelessness, yearning for that one sliver of light.

    Without knowing why, Jun Wu Xie had seen a shadow of herself in the past and that demon who had been pegged with the title of "Grandfather", had controlled their lives, keeping them trapped in hopelessness.

    Just awhile after, Yue Ye came running out in a hurry, a cup of tea in her hands. In a rush, she ran over to come in front of Jun Wu Xie and fell straight to her knees with a thud onto the ground. She then raised up her hands holding the cup of tea that had already turned cold and raised her head, her bright eyes staring unwaveringly at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Master..... You..... have tea....." Her voice trembling slightly, Yue Ye's voice came out from her mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Yue Ye and suddenly laughed.

    A faint smile blossomed from the edges of her lips that made that disguised face with its delicate features suddenly become stunning and alluring.

    Accepting the tea Yue Ye offered to her Master, Jun Wu Xie tilted her head back and downed it in one go.

    Yue Ye was grinning just like a regular child.

    She saw hope.

    Regardless whether Yue Ye sincerely wanted to acknowledge Jun Wu Xie as her Master, or if she just wanted to grab on to a way out, that very moment for her was a happy one.

    "Get up now." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say.

    "Yes!" Yue Ye stood up smiling, not caring about the dirt and dust clinging on her clothes, her smile exceptionally brilliant.

    "We should finish planting these herbs into the soil first." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

    Yue Ye quickly nodded and the two figures, one bigger one smaller went back to squatting by the flowerbeds, as they tidied up all the herbs in silence, planting life into the ground, as well as hope.

    It was Jun Wu Xie's first time accepting a disciple and the feeling was not too bad. Or at least she did not find Yue Ye's character reprehensible and Jun Wu Xie thought Yue Ye's great gift to be rather admirable.
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