Chapter 1838: “Drift (1)”

    Chapter 1838: "Drift (1)"

    From that day onwards, Yue Ye's life did not seemed to have changed much but in reality, it had undergone a Heaven moving and Earth churning change.

    Having broken out from under Elder Yue's control, she gained much more freedom for herself. Although the Shadow Moon Palace Lord harboured improper thoughts towards her, having just regained his health, he was now more concerned about exerting control over the Shadow Moon Palace and had not paid so much attention to Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye was glad that she had more time for herself now and would frequently invite Jun Wu Xie to come to her little courtyard often.

    With the skills that Jun Wu Xie possessed, wanting to avoid the detection of those people in Yue Ye's little courtyard was a simple and effortless affair.

    Jun Wu Xie would impart to Yue Ye some common knowledge everyday, starting from the most basic; the identification of herbs.

    Yue Ye was greatly gifted in the concoction of medicines. Based on just a incomplete and tattered book, she had been able to use her own intelligence to concoct so many kinds of poison. And with Jun Wu Xie's guidance now, her growth had absolutely soared.

    Jun Wu Xie was careful and precise in her teaching while Yue Ye was attentive and diligent in learning.

    The Master and disciple pair got along just swimmingly.

    Meanwhile at that same moment, the situation on Elder Yue's side was not all that harmonious.

    Ever since the Shadow Moon Palace Lord snatched Yue Ye away from Elder Yue's side, Elder Yue could clearly feel that the trust the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had in him was slowly eroding bit by bit. Because he had been too shocked back on that fateful day, he had not been able to react at that time. But after he had calmed down over the next two days, Elder Yue was able to come to the realization that Yue Ye had betrayed him!

    However, with the way things were now, it was impossible for him to be able to scheme a comeback in retaliation. Even if he wanted to seek justice against Yue Ye, with the Shadow Moon Palace Lord having just taken him down a peg so recently, he absolutely did not dare to find trouble with Yue Ye at all or otherwise, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's wrath would not be something that he would be able to shoulder at this point of time.

    "Damn it! I had not thought that I would be deceived by that little slut this time." Elder Yue said to himself as he sat fuming in his chair. It could be said that he had watched Yue Ye and Yue Yi grow up with his own eyes and most importantly, Yue Yi already had his awareness and sensibilities about him when he came and it might be harder to control him. But when Yue Ye came here, she had been a bumbling little toddler that knew nothing at all and Elder Yue had always firmly believed that he had Yue Ye completely under his control.

    Hence, he had made use of Yue Ye to control Yue Yi but Elder Yue had not been worried about Yue Ye at all, never thinking that the day would come where Yue Ye would betray him.

    And all of that, had happened so suddenly, catching him completely off guard.

    No matter how much he wanted to salvage the situation, it was already entirely impossible.

    "Just when had it all begun? That little slut!" Elder Yue was so angry his jaws were tightly clenched up. He had always thought of Yue Ye like an obedient little puppy that he kept with him to on one hand to use to control Yue Yi, and on the other hand to gain the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's favour. But with Yue Ye's betrayal of him, the loss that Elder Yue had had to suffer was far beyond his imagination.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's trust in him had immediately reduced and Yue Yi was still outside, not yet come back. If he finds out that Yue Ye had already broken out from under his control, then with Yue Yi's character.....

    "Damn it! The slut! I will never let you go scot free.... You think that by running to the Palace Lord's side, I will then not be able to do anything to you?" The corners of Elder Yue's mouth curled up into a sneer, his eyes looking like they were immersed in venom.

    His eyes then slowly turned to look upon the cupboard at the side. He stood up without a sound, and went walking over to the cupboard, to pull at an old book on the cupboard lightly. The cupboard that was stuck seamlessly to the wall suddenly opened up and what stood behind the cupboard was not a wall, but a secret chamber!

    Elder Yue then walked inside without a sound.
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