Chapter 1839: “Drift (2)”

    Chapter 1839: "Drift (2)"

    Elder Ying came rushing back to the palace after he finished up with business outside the palace. He had been sent out of the palace this time because of Elder Yue's tricks behind the scenes. But it had been the Palace Lord's orders and no matter how unwilling Elder Yue was, he still had to go.

    In the past few days that Elder Ying had been out, his heart had been feeling anxious, not knowing what kind of terrifying things could have happened in the palace.

    Especially under the current situation where Elder Yue had his eyes set on Jun Wu Xie. No one knew what kind of things Elder Yue might be capable of.

    On the way back, Elder Yue was determined to return like an arrow released from a bow, as he finally managed to rush back to the Shadow Moon Palace. Reaching the Shadow Moon Palace, he did not even have the time to rest a moment when he quickly reached the little courtyard that Jun Wu Xie was living in.

    Having just entered the little courtyard, Elder Ying suddenly discovered a figure in the yard who should not be appearing there.

    "So White Shell can also be used like that. It's really amazing!" Yue Ye's eyes were widened as she looked at the dish of white powder placed on the stone table. Jun Wu Xie stood by her side, with a teapot in her hand, who was dripping the plain water drop by drop onto the White Shell powder.

    After the crystalline water droplet fell into the White Shell powder, the powder immediately stuck onto it, quickly dissolving into the water. But the water droplet kept its shape and form as it melded with the White Shell powder, to become a white congealed little pearl.

    Yue Ye watched in amazement and she could not help herself but to reach her hand out to poke at it. What should have been a wet water droplet, had at that moment turned to become firm and hard, and with Yue Ye's action, it rolled and tumbled off the dish.

    "It will not melt or dissolve anymore?" Yue Ye held the little bead in her hand, observing it as she turned it over back and forth, thinking that it was highly interesting.

    "Put it in wine and it will dissolve." Jun Wu Xie then continued: "White Shell dissipates the effects of wine."

    "Doesn't that mean that if I am competing with others in drinking, I will just need to quietly slip this into my wine and I can turn it into water? And no matter how I drink, I will not become drunk?" Yue Ye asked with her eyes absolutely shining.

    "Theoretically." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Without knowing why, Jun Wu Xie could not help but feel that this disciple of hers had a rather strange way of thinking.

    "I've learnt something!" Yue Ye laughed as she picked up the bead, feeling exceptionally uninhibited.

    Jun Wu Xie was just intending to continue to say something to her when she spotted Elder Ying standing stunned at the courtyard's entrance.

    There wasn't anyone standing guard outside her courtyard but Ye Sha alone was watching over everything. If anyone was thinking to secretly sneak in, they would not even make it past the door before they would die in Ye Sha's hands. People that are able to come in under Ye Sha's watch were all just candidates that Jun Wu Xie allowed.

    At that moment, Elder Ying was already stunned almost silly and he just stood there dazed as he looked at Jun Wu Xie chatting amicably with Yue Ye, his eyes filled with disbelief.

    If it was said that Elder Ying had accepted the relationship between Jun Wu Xie and Yue Yi, that was because Yue Yi already harboured thoughts of resistance against Elder Yue. Moreover, when Yue Yi came into the Shadow Moon Palace, he was already old enough to be aware of things, and Elder Yue would not be able to control him fully.

    But it was completely different for Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye was brought up by Elder Yue from when she was very young and she listens to his every word. Beat Elder Ying to death and he would not have thought that in just the few days that he had been out, Jun Wu Xie would actually dare to become so close to Yue Ye who was so loyal and fiercely protected by Elder Yue!

    For a moment, Elder Ying's mind found it a little hard to react to it.

    And what shocked him more was that Yue Ye who was with Jun Wu Xie at that moment looked so completely different!
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