Chapter 1840: “Drift (3)”

    Chapter 1840: "Drift (3)"

    In the past, Yue Ye had always given Elder Ying the feeling that she was highly timid, with a soft personality and easy to control.

    But just now, what he saw was not a weak and cowardly little fella. That face that had been full of vitality with a mischievous expression was a completely different person from the Yue Ye he remembered.

    He suddenly suspected whether he was actually hallucinating as he could not help but feel that something was not right someplace.

    Yue Ye had also noticed Elder Ying's sudden appearance. The smile on her face then disappeared without a trace when the figure of Elder Ying fell into her eyes. She got up from the stone stool hurriedly and then looked at Jun Wu Xie, helpless and flustered.

    "What are you looking at?" Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow as she looked at the stunned Elder Ying.

    Elder Ying then finally regained his senses and looked at Jun Wu Xie before looking at Yue Ye, his brows unconsciously furrowing up together.

    "You come over here." He said to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie then went walking over.

    Without even waiting for Jun Wu Xie to stand firmly, Elder Ying could not even wait as he pulled Jun Wu Xie to one side and said in a soft voice: "Why are you getting so close to Yue Ye? Don't you know that she is a pawn of Elder Yue's? Though the child is pitiful, but you cannot afford to not have your guard up. I am not saying you have to guard against her, but you must guard yourself against Elder Yue behind her, as that old scoundrel might be thinking of using Yue Ye to entrap you."

    Elder Ying grumbled in a soft voice. He was not really entirely against Yue Ye, but was thinking that Elder Yue behind Yue Ye was a tricky one to deal with.

    "The thing you were worried about has happened." Jun Wu Xie suddenly opened her mouth to say.

    Elder Ying was slightly taken aback.

    "What do you mean?"

    "On the day that you went out of the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Yue did the thing that you were worried about." Jun Wu Xie said calmly.

    "What! ? Then..... You..... She....." Elder Ying's eyes had gone wide. He knew that when Elder Yue had purposely pulled him away, he would definitely be up to no good. He had not thought that Elder Yue would make his move so quickly and he could not help but be worried about it.

    "Yue Ye is now no longer Elder Yue's granddaughter. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had taken her in." Jun Wu Xie continued to spout words that caused Elder Ying to be stunned speechless in a completely calm manner.

    "What..... What did you say? What actually happened here..... Why can't I understand what you are saying?" Elder Ying's face was in a daze.

    Jun Wu Xie told Elder Ying briefly about the events on how she had joined hands with Yue Ye to outsmart Elder Yue till he vomited blood. After Elder Ying finished listening to it, he gasped a long cold breath as his astounded eyes swung between Jun Wu Xie and Yue Ye.

    And to think that he had been worrying so hard about whether Jun Wu Xie would be taken advantage of. Never had he thought that the kid would be so astonishingly capable to have been able to counter Elder Yue with a checkmate!

    Not only had Elder Yue been forced to swallow his own bitter medicine, even Yue Ye had been taken out from under his grasp!

    At that moment, Elder Ying suddenly pitied Elder Yue who had schemed against by Jun Wu Xie.

    To think that Elder Yue who had commanded so much power in the Shadow Moon Palace for so many years, who had been able to contend against him?

    But Jun Wu Xie who had come to the Shadow Moon Palace for not even half a month's time had tripped up Elder Yue repeatedly a few times, which just caused people to be at a loss for words.

    "With what the two of you have done..... You will have to be careful. Elder Yue is not a person that is easily dealt with. Although the two of you have managed to force him to swallow the bitter pill this time, but he will surely remember this debt in his heart and exact revenge upon you in future. So, the both of you must be more careful in whatever you do from now onwards." Elder Ying said as he blew out a breath of relief, giving them a careful reminder.

    Having been struggling against Elder Yue for so many years himself, Elder Ying knew Elder Yue's character all too well.
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