Chapter 1841: “Interweaving Ploys (1)”

    Chapter 1841: "Interweaving Ploys (1)"

    "I know." Jun Wu Xie understood Elder Ying's worry.

    Elder Ying blew out a breath and the eyes that gazed upon Yue Ye became softer. No matter what, the little fella had suffered quite a bit and it was a good thing that she was able to escape out from Elder Yue's control for now.

    "Elder Yue would not dare to doing anything much against Yue Ye for the moment but as for the Palace Lord's side....." Looking at Yue Ye tiny frame, Elder Yue could not help but be worried. He knew quite a bit about the filthy deeds going on around within the Shadow Moon Palace and he had never wanted to be a part of them. He had heard of Yue Ye's and Yue Yi's predicament from a long time ago and although the two children were to be pitied, he had his hands bound.

    And now, though Yue Ye had escaped out from under Elder Yue's control, but falling right into the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's hands might not be such a good thing as well.

    Due to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's deteriorating health in the past, he had still not done anything too improper to Yue Ye. But now that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health was recovering by the day, there was no guarantee that he would not extend his claws upon Yue Ye now.

    "The effects of the Melted Snow Elixir is about to run out." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

    "What does that mean?" Elder Ying was slightly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie then casually replied: "I have never said that the Melted Snow Elixir would completely heal the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, have I?"

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused Elder Ying's entire body to quake.

    That's right. When Jun Wu Xie had initially presented the medicine, she had only claimed that it would help with the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition, but after everyone saw the improvement in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition after he took the Melted Snow Elixir, they had all assumed that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health had been restored. But the words that Jun Wu Xie had just said made Elder Ying feel completely different about it now.

    "Could it be..... that the medicine did not completely cure the Palace Lord?" Elder Ying's heart was thumping wildly. Where that elixir had come from, he did not know, and neither had he asked Jun Wu Xie much about it. In the beginning, he had felt that Jun Wu Xie's presentation of the medicine was rather risky as having the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health recovered was not exactly a good thing for them.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow as she looked at Elder Ying whose face was filled with surprise.

    "The effects of the medicine is only temporary and I think it is about to run out."

    She had the medicine that could cure the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's condition as well, but she was not so dumb as to show an enemy of her such warmth.

    The eyes that Elder Ying were staring at Jun Wu Xie with were filled with complete shock. That kid thinks three steps ahead with every step he took and everything had actually been within his calculations from the start. That was what truly stunned Elder Ying completely.

    To first use the Melted Snow Elixir to neutralize his own crisis, and then secretly keep control over the effects of the medicine, to not let the effects continue to last permanently.

    A terrifying thought then suddenly rose up in Elder Ying's mind, and his eyes that were staring at Jun Wu Xie then turned to seem like he was looking upon a monster.

    "You couldn't possibly be thinking to use the Melted Snow Elixir to make the Palace Lord place more value on you would you?"

    The temporary effects of the medicine, had brought to the Palace Lord vitality that he had not had for a long time. Having gained a taste of that, how would the Shadow Moon Palace Lord give up on such an opportunity?

    One would know without even having to think. Even if the Melted Snow Elixir was not able to completely cure the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, but as long as the elixir that could cure him fully could not be cultivated, the Shadow Moon Palace would then be highly reliant on the effects the Melted Snow Elixir gave him.

    And Jun Wu Xie who was able to produce the Melted Snow Elixir, would inexorably have her status in the Shadow Moon Palace soar to new heights!

    "Isn't that good?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a casual tone.

    Elder Ying gulped silently


    [Why wouldn't it be good?]

    [But..... from when had this kid actually started to scheme up all of this?]
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