Chapter 1842: “Interweaving Ploys (2)”

    Chapter 1842: "Interweaving Ploys (2)"

    [Could it be that the kid had already included Yue Ye into his calculations? To have also grasped the timing where even though Yue Ye had fallen into the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's hands, the effects of the Melted Snow Elixir would start to fade, that would deprive the Shadow Moon Palace Lord the chance of carrying out his insidious deed?]

    Thinking about that, Elder Yue could not help himself but deny such an astounding guess himself.

    If Jun Wu Xie had truly already calculated till this step when she presented the medicine, then wouldn't the kid be too big of a monster?

    Speaking from a certain perspective, Elder Ying had suddenly seen the truth behind the matter.

    But towards that truth, Jun Wu Xie said not a word, which would allow Elder Ying's heart to not have to undertake too much pressure.

    "You, kid, is just too audaciously bold and daring. I really have to take my hat off to you. If there is anything that requires my help, just feel free to ask." Elder Ying no longer dared to see Jun Wu Xie as a junior. It was not known how that kid grew such a mind. If antagonized, it seemed that people would be taken it so badly that all would vomit out blood.

    Without having to think hard, Elder Ying knew just how aggrieved Elder Yue must be feeling deep in his heart. If possible, Elder Ying believed that Elder Yue would be wishing for nothing more than to be able to draw two swords to slash Jun Wu Xie up in a mad flurry.

    "There nothing really much I need but just some herbs. Will you be able to get them for me?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Elder Ying. When she came to the Middle Realm, she had brought some herbs on her but she had almost used them all up. Although she still had quite a good number of elixirs, she was still short of a few type of herbs for the amount of elixirs she would be using soon.

    "Rest assured on that. I will have it settled for you." Elder Ying said as he slapped himself on the chest. Working together with such a hassle free ally, it had saved him quite a lot of headache.

    "Alright then. You just go on with what you were busy with. I'll go report to the Palace Lord first." Elder Ying's heart was finally set at ease after he had seen Jun Wu Xie and he waved at Yue Ye standing stiffened at the side with a gentle smile as he walked out from Jun Wu Xie's little courtyard.

    He had rushed the entire way back and had not even yet gone to see the Palace Lord but came running to Jun Wu Xie's place first. If someone wanted to use this to make an issue out of it, it would really be rather hard for him to explain himself.

    Yue Ye had not spoken a single word from the moment Elder Ying appeared. It was until Elder Ying had left that she reverted back to normal.

    "What are you worried about?" Jun Wu Xie had already noticed the Yue Ye's strange reaction. The moment that Elder Yue appeared, Yue Ye had immediately turned very stiff and her demeanor highly nervous.

    "Elder Ying knows....." Yue Ye said as she bit on her lip. Although the matter about Elder Yue using her to gain the favour of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was not known to many people in the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Ying was however one of those who knew.

    "So what?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow lifting up. She could sense the inferior complex Yue Ye was feeling, a self loathing that she held suppressed somewhere deep inside her heart.

    That kind of a pressure on herself, could only possibly be lifted by the obliteration of the Shadow Moon Palace, cleansing herself of everything in the past.

    Just like that fire she had set all those years back.

    "So what..... That's right..... So what....." Yue Ye mumbled Jun Wu Xie's words repeatedly, trying her hardest to understand the kind of belief that Jun Wu Xie was trying to convey to her.

    "Instead of wasting your time on such things, shouldn't you first be thinking how we are going to execute the next step of our plans?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she sat herself down upon a stone stool. She had not told Elder Ying that the poison the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was afflicted with was by Yue Ye's hand. In truth, though the effects of the Melted Snow Elixir might be temporary, but to want to control the timing for the poison to relapse, it would be more effective and accurate to reintroduce the poison onto the Palace Lord.

    "I understand!" Yue Ye immediately perked up.
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