Chapter 1843: “Interweaving Ploys (3)”

    Chapter 1843: "Interweaving Ploys (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie and Yue Ye went on to cultivate another new batch of elixirs. The effects of these elixirs were even more vicious than what Yue Ye had concocted previously. After concocting them, Yue Ye carried the little bottles containing the elixirs, unable to keep her hands off them. It could be seen from this Yue Ye's love towards the concoction of medicine was innate.

    "Master! Here I am, about to go wreck disaster upon people!" After Yue Ye filled up the bottles properly, she looked smilingly at Jun Wu Xie. The past few days that she had spent with Jun Wu Xie had seemingly given her a new life. Not only had she been exposed to knowledge that she had no access to before, she had also gained for herself a kind of comfortable ease that she had never felt before.

    When she was with Jun Wu Xie, Yue Ye did not feel the slightest bit of pressure, and Jun Wu Xie's silence allowed her to be able to be herself.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the bubbly Yue Ye speechlessly, and she couldn't help herself but to feel that the little imp's personality was rather eccentric. To think that she would get so excited about going to poison people.....

    Just which part of her had grown crooked?

    After Yue Ye bid farewell to Jun Wu Xie, she went straight to see the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had enjoyed robust health over the recent period and his colour on his face had grown to become more rosy pink. Having gradually stabilized things in the palace, his will to live more fulfillingly had slowly risen. He had just finished reading through a scroll when the Shadow Moon Palace Lord then saw Yue Ye who was dressed in a pink dress carrying a flask of fine wine and some snacks as she stood just outside the door.

    Bathed in the golden glow of the sun, Yue Ye looked full of vitality, and full of life, which elicited the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's yearning.

    "My Lord." Yue Ye greeted as she looked at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord obediently.

    "Little Ye? Why have you come here for? Come in quick." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord looked at Yue Ye smilingly, his audacious gaze undisguised as it swept over Yue Ye's body, admiring the unliberated beauty within her.

    Yue Ye obediently came walking over to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's side as she placed the tray in her hands down onto the table.

    "I heard about the toil my Lord had put himself under in the past few days and Little Ye did not dare to come disturb my Lord. But I heard the seniors saying that my Lord should get himself some rest and hence Little Ye had prepared some wine and some food, thinking to bring them here to allow my Lord to rest a little." Yue Ye said, her large eyes unblinking, her mouth saying sweet endearing words.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face split into a great big smile, his hand stretching out very naturally to clasp around Yue Ye's tiny hand as he said feeling very pleased: "Little Ye is so sensible. I have not doted on you in vain."

    The little beauty was growing up by the day, and was also being so sensible and obedient, which just made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord find it all the harder to resist the itch in his heart.

    Yue Ye blushed and lowered her head, her downcast eyes hiding the vicious glint inside.

    "Litte Ye is naturally aware that my Lord is good to Little Ye. But Little Ye is not capable of anything else and just wants to serve my Lord well." Upon saying that, Yue Ye then retracted her hand very naturally and picked up the wine flask from the tray, to fill up the two wine cups with fine wine. She then casually picked up one of the cups and then looked at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord with anticipation.

    "For being so nice to Little Ye, Little Ye has nothing to repay the Lord with but to offer a toast to my Lord."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was in great spirits. Although Yue Ye had been obedient towards him previously, but she had always exhibited a kind of nervousness and felt a little distant. But Little Ye was now being very sweet and considerate to him which the Shadow Moon Palace Lord found highly pleasing. He had thought that it was because his unilateral decision to extradite Yue Ye from Elder Yue's side had incited Yue Ye to feel grateful to him, and had never thought that the mind of a little twelve year old girl could possibly be all that complex.

    Afterall, from what the Shadow Moon Palace Lord could see, Yue Ye was merely a puppet that Elder Yue used to hold Yue Yi hostage, and had never seen much of the world at all nor learnt of the intricacies in people's struggle for power. So, she would most naturally be just innocent and pure.

    "Alright. Wine that is offered to me by Little Ye, I will naturally have to accept it."
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