Chapter 1844: “Interweaving Ploys (4)”

    Chapter 1844: "Interweaving Ploys (4)"

    "Alright. Wine that is offered to me by Little Ye, I will naturally have to accept it."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord tilted his head back and downed the wine in the cup immediately.

    Yue Ye had however held on to her wine cup and while the Shadow Moon Palace Lord did not notice, she slipped a white coloured pill that was the size of a grain of rice into her own cup.

    Immediately upon coming into contact with the wine, the white coloured grain instantly dissolved into nothing, melding into the water where the robust fragrance of the wine faded away.

    White Shell neutralizes alcohol.

    Yue Ye smiled slightly in her heart, and with feigned candidness, she gulped down the cup of "plain water" cleanly where it's alcohol content had been completely neutralized.

    After finishing the cup of wine, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had wanted to pull Yue Ye to him to enjoy a round of intimacy but unfortunately for him, Yue Ye cleverly dodged away from it and continued to offer up toast after toast to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    Seeing that Yue Ye was drinking along with him and that the tiny face had taken on an alluring red flush, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt that there was no need to rush it too much at that moment. It was so rare that the little fella had delivered herself up to him and was trying so hard to win his favour in gratitude, was there a need for him to be so anxious?

    Thinking that Yue Ye would not be able to hold her liquor all that well anyway, and she should fall tipsy and limp with just a few cups, he would just pull her into his arms when that happens so he would not frighten the little fella so much.

    His mind filled with his devious scheme, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was highly accommodating.

    Who would have known.....

    The flask of fine wine that Yue Ye brought in, was not something from the Shadow Moon Palace but the greatest stuff she got from Jun Wu Xie. The wine was meant for Drunk Lotus and with how well Drunk Lotus was able to hold his drink, the strongest kind of spirits when placed in his mouth would still be tasteless. Hence, wine that Drunk Lotus liked to drink would have to be the finest and strongest kind of wine that could be found.

    No need to even mention one whole flask. Even for people who were claimed to not fall after a thousand cups would feel tipsy and their mind in a whirl after just a cup or two, to fall unconscious from drink.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord had merely just taken three consecutive cups when he found his mind roaring in chaos, his vision turning blurry and clear intermittently. His face flushed a deep red, and the hand that held the wine cup then began to tremble.

    "This wine is really just too fragrant....." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord shook his head, and overcome with tipsiness, he did not know when his tolerance for spirits had become so bad. He had only drunk three cups and he was feeling a rather drunk.

    "Since my Lord likes it, then have a little more." Yue Ye said smilingly as she filled up the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's wine cup, as she went on to pour herself a cup as well. After dropping in a pill of White Shell to rid it of alcohol, she urged the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to drink up together with her.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was already feeling groggy from tipsiness and when he saw Yue Ye encouraging him to drink up, he did not want to lose face, so he braced himself to down another few cups.

    Before the fifth cup was done, a loud thud was heard and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's head crashed right smack onto the table, completely unconscious.

    The smile on Yue Ye's face immediately disappeared without a trace as she stared at the completely wasted Shadow Moon Palace Lord with cold eyes, a glint of disdain flashing within.

    "Self disrespecting old man. Your son is just a few years younger than I am and you can be so utterly shameless." Yue Ye said as she wrinkled her nose, and venting out all the suppressed hatred within her heart in an outpour, she raised her hand and rapped the Shadow Moon Palace Lord viciously upon the head.

    Fortunately she was not fourteen years yet and her ring spirit had not awoken. She had no spirit powers and with her young age, though she used all her strength in the few times she hit the head, she did not knock the life out of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    But a earth shattering headache upon waking up from the wine would definitely be unavoidable.

    After she finished venting, Yue Ye did not forget what she had been tasked with. She took out the bottle of elixirs that she had cultivated together with Jun Wu Xie, and poured out one pill. She then pried open the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's mouth, and stuffed it inside.
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