Chapter 1845: “Trap (1)”

    Chapter 1845: "Trap (1)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was made to unconsciously swallow the elixir. And as he was being made to swallow it, with his eyes still closed, he had been calling out: "Little Ye, Little Ye."

    Yue Ye's face had then just smiled coldly.

    When the Shadow Moon Palace Lord woke up still feeling highly groggy, the skies outside was already turning to dusk. He shook his head and without knowing the reason why, he was feeling an immense pain in his head.

    Due to his deteriorating health, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had seldom drunk wine in the past few years. Even when he drank, it was in very small amounts and he had not been so drunk for a very long time. He then thought that it must be due to him having not drunk for so long that he was now feeling unwell.

    After his mind cleared up a little, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's gaze then looked around him. He then found Yue Ye fallen asleep with her head resting upon the side of his table. Looking at the side profile of Yue Ye's face who was fast asleep, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart was feeling mighty glad. But with the throbbing pain in his head, he was in mood to entertain any other thoughts.

    "Ungh." Yue Ye awoke as she rubbed at her eyes, looking at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to smile with a kind of charming innocence.

    "My Lord, you're awake."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord nodded as he massaged his head with his hand. "Little Ye drank too much as well?"

    Yue Ye nodded her head.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord then smiled and said: "That wine is a little stronger and Little Ye's tolerance against wine wouldn't be able to hold up against it. I saw you sleeping so soundly and I did not want to wake you." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said cleverly, making it sound as if Yue Ye was the only one hungover and he was absolutely brimming with energy.

    But in truth, it was the exact opposite.

    Yue Ye knew what the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was thinking in his mind but did not expose him and just went on to put in an innocent and naive expression, laughing to herself in her heart.

    [Go on and pretend! You totally deserved that whacking without even knowing a thing about it!]

    "My Lord, Elder Yue is asking for an audience." A guard came running in from outside the door, to deliver the announcement.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's brows creased up slightly and seeing the pale pallor on Yue Ye's face, he immediately said dotingly: "Little Ye does not have to be worried. With me here, he will never dare to bully you anymore."

    Yue Ye nodded her head obediently.

    "Let him come in." Having reassured Yue Ye, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord granted Elder Yue an audience.

    A a short while, Elder Yue then came walking in.

    The entire room was filled with the thick scent of fine wine and Elder Yue could smell it clearly immediately upon coming in. He discreetly swept his gaze over the figure of Yue Ye standing beside the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, his eyes filled with a tinge of hatred.

    He had truly underestimated Yue Ye, to have been countered and checkmated by her. The little lass was completely unlike what she looked like on the surface, her thoughts unpredictable. To think that she know how to latch on to such a big thigh like the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's.

    No matter how indignant he was feeling in his heart, Elder Yue did not dare to kick up a fuss there, but to merely pretend as if he did not even see Yue Ye.

    "Your subordinate has something to report." Elder Yue knew that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord no longer trusted him like he had in the past, and he would naturally not dare to commit the slightest infraction now.

    "Oh? What could Elder Yue have to say to me?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's head was still throbbing in pain, but before others, he still had to pretend to be completely fine.

    "My Lord, it seems like a bunch of people are stirring up trouble in the Hill City. They had not only damaged our Shadow Moon Palace branch in the Hill City but have even wounded several of our disciples in our branch." Elder Yue went on to report.

    "What? Someone dares to be that bold to act so audaciously within the perimeters of power of my Shadow Moon Palace?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face immediately turned dark.

    The Hill City was one of the cities that belonged under the perimeter of power of the Shadow Moon Palace. Although the Shadow Moon Palace was not among the top within the Twelve Palaces, but as one of the Twelve Palaces, the extent their powers reached was vast and all the cities that sit within their sphere of influence belonged to the Shadow Moon Palace. Within every one of those cities, there would be a branch of Shadow Moon Palace installed to manage the place where disciples from the Palace would be sent to guard.
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