Chapter 1847: “Trap (3)”

    Chapter 1847: "Trap (3)"

    Yue Ye forcibly bolstered herself up and that was how she did not faint away. She stared in pure and complete disbelief at Elder Yue and if she had not used every ounce of her effort to hold herself back, she would have wished for nothing more than to jump straight onto Elder Yue to skin him alive!

    This was definitely a plot schemed by Elder Yue!

    "Why would you send him to go there for no good reason?" The colour of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's was not looking too pretty. Putting aside the relationship between Yue Ye and Yue Yi, but just Yue Yi's outstanding talent alone was very rare among the Shadow Moon Palace's younger generation and no matter whether it was due to sentiments or logic, he did not want to lose a disciple like this.

    "It was negligence on your subordinate's part and I had not thought that things would blow up to such an extent." Elder Yue said, looking very much in self reproach.

    "You couldn't possibly be unaware that Yue Yi still had not fully recovered from his wounds. You really messed things up this time." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord couldn't make himself show Elder Yue any grace at that moment. If not for the fact that the time Yue Yi was sent out happened before he snatched Yue Ye over, he really might have thought that this was Elder Yue's way of taking revenge.

    "It was my mistake and I have already sent people to go check. There wasn't anyone who looked like Yue Yi among the dead bodies and your subordinate is guessing that Yue Yi could possibly still be alive. Afterall, he is different from other disciples, so it is possible that the culprits would want to find out some things about the Shadow Moon Palace from his mouth and have abducted him." Elder Yue said with a serious face. He had been quick to admit his mistake without the slightest instance of denial. But though he had admitted his mistake, his words that came right after that had completely turned the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's attention into a completely different direction.

    Compared to having lost a disciple, having information about the palace divulged was much more terrifying.

    As expected, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's thoughts were drawn away by Elder Yue's words.

    "Then haven't you sent people out to go search! ? If those people really manage to find out anything from Yue Yi, remember Elder Yue, though Yue Ye is no longer your granddaughter, but Yue Yi is still very much your grandson! If he comes to do anything against the Shadow Moon Palace, you will not be able to absolve yourself of blame!"

    "Yes yes yes. Your subordinate will definitely put more men into the search and have the entire matter investigated clearly." Elder Yue quickly answered.

    And standing on the side, Yue Ye listened to every word that was exchanged between them, her heart turning cold the more she heard.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was more concerned on whether Yue Yi would reveal information about the Shadow Moon Palace and no longer placed much emphasis on whether Yue Yi lived or died. Yue Ye felt her entire body turn chill, the palms of her hands breaking out in cold sweat.

    That was her Big Brother! Her only kin!

    But from the words coming out of Elder Yue's and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's mouths, her elder brother was only merely like an object, and whether he lived or died did not deserve the slightest bit of attention from them.

    With that thought in mind, Yue Ye felt as if she had fallen into an ice glacier, her body trembling incessantly.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord admonished Elder Yue for a while but due to Elder Yue's seniority, he wasn't too harsh. He went on to order Elder Yue to deal with the matter as quickly as possible and he must not allow any inside information of the Shadow Moon Palace to be leaked.

    "Your subordinate understands and your subordinate will act on it immediately." Elder Yue answered in deference, his lowered eyes submissive. But for just one instant unnoticed by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, Elder Yue's eyes glanced to look at the trembling Yue Ye, and the venom in those eyes caused Yue Ye to gasp.

    [It's him!]

    [It's definitely him!]

    "My Lord, shall I then take my leave?" Elder Yue then said.

    "Go on." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord massaged his throbbing temples. Already a little drunk in the first place, hearing such news only made him feel more frustrated and distraught.

    Elder Yue then walked out from the room under Yue Ye's furious gaze.
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