Chapter 1848: “Flesh and Blood (1)”

    Chapter 1848: "Flesh and Blood (1)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord then seemed to notice Yue Ye's fear and he turned his head to say: "Little Ye, I will definitely think of a way to say your elder brother."

    Yue Ye fought to contain the rage she felt inside and only managed to pull a weak smile onto her pale face.

    "Little Ye has just this one Big Brother and I beg for my Lord to save my Big Brother."

    "Definitely. Even if it is only for the sake of Little Ye, I will definitely save your elder brother." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord then took the chance to hold Yue Ye's little hand in his, thinking to take it a step further but his throbbing pain in his head made it impossible and he could only say a few words in reassurance before letting Yue Ye leave.

    Yue Ye looking calm as she walked out from the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's chambers and the skies outside showed it was getting late. Moonlight shone across the ground and Yue Ye went treading upon the pale lit ground, every single step seemingly stepping onto the tip of her heart, shrouded in sadness.

    "Little Ye." A voice that sounded like her greatest nightmare suddenly rang out behind Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye jumped in shock and turned to look towards the voice.

    Elder Yue came walking slowly out from within the shadows at the side, and upon that smug face, was a sinister smile that sent chills up a person's spine.

    "Little Ye is truly an intelligent little child to know how to make use of the Palace Lord to get what you want. But..... haven't I treated you well enough? Everything from the food you eat to what you wear and live in, were all several times better than other disciples in the Shadow Moon Palace and slightly inferior only to the Young Lord. Even with that, you were still not satisfied? Truly an untamable wolf cub." Elder Yue said with his eyes narrowed, staring viciously at Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye held her breath as she stared at the gradually approaching Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue stared at the highly nervous Yue Ye and reached a hand out to lift up a few strands of her hair at her shoulder, where he then brought it up under his nose to take a whiff.

    "Little Ye still likes to keep herself clean like before, regardless that you're always digging around in dirt and soil all the time, you still smell as fresh as ever. But I wonder, after a person is burnt up in flames, would their body still smell fresh like Little Ye here?"

    Yue Ye's heart quaked and her eyes widened as she looked at Elder Yue whose words held another meaning.

    "What have you done with my Big Brother!" Yue Ye's eyes flashed as she asked through tightly clenched teeth.

    "Yue Yi? That is my grandson, what could I possibly do to him? You heard it very clearly just now. The branch at Hill City was attacked and it was an accident which I had not expected as well. Yue Yi is so obedient, unlike the ingrate that you are, a thankless wench, so I will naturally dote on him. I am very worried about him just as well you know? Tell me, under that fiery blaze and with his injuries not fully recovered, how could he possibly be able to escape from the engulfing flames? Or it might be said..... after he was captured, what kind of torment would he have to suffer? It really pains me so much." Elder Yue grumbled in an insidious voice.

    Every single word that came out of that mouth, was like a sharp blade that pierced into Yue Ye's heart.

    "You must let him go now! I can go plead with the Palace Lord, to let me remain by your side." Yue Ye's hands were clenched up into fists, a desperate plea tearing right out from her throat.

    She only had Yue Yi as her blood kin, and she would not be able to withstand the agony of losing her elder brother.

    So what if she was free? If she could save Yue Yi, she was willing to give up everything!

    "What a deep bond between siblings. But Yue Ye, do you really think I have gone dotty? After you have said so much to the Palace Lord, you think you can renege on your word as you like? Even if you tell him you want to come back, the Palace Lord will just think that I am threatening you, and I do not wish to incur the Palace Lord's wrath." Elder Yue said with a soft laugh.

    "Then what do you want me to do? I can do anything." Yue Ye drew a deep breath and said.
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