Chapter 1849: “Flesh and Blood (2)”

    Chapter 1849: "Flesh and Blood (2)"

    "What I want you to do?" Elder Yue said with a laugh. "I have not thought of it yet. But since you share such a close bond with Yue Yi, and you both see each other as the flesh over your heart, then as the grandfather of you both, I can't bear to see the two of you suffer like this, so I have something here as a present for you."

    Upon saying that, Elder Yue took out a brocade box from his chest.

    Yue Ye took it in silence, and at the very moment she opened the brocade box, all the warmth in her entire body seeped out from her!

    In that brocade box, was a bloodied piece of flesh!

    "It's flesh over your brother's heart. Make sure to keep it safe!" Elder Yue then pulled at Yue Ye's hair hard.

    The excruciating pain from having her scalp almost torn off immediately caused Yue Ye's eyes to brim up with tears.

    Elder Yue forced her to raise her head up, to look his his face that was twisted up in hatred.

    "Little slut, you dare to betray me? What do you think you are? You and your brother are merely just playthings that I use to amuse myself. Since you dare to turn around and bite me, I know of endless ways to make you live a fate worse than death, you just slowly wait and see!" After he said that, Elder Yue released his hand, and kicked Yue Ye onto the ground.

    "You'd better know your place. If you do not want anything to happen to you brother, then make sure you behave and listen to me. Whatever I want you to do in future, you will have to do exactly as I say or what you see will not just be flesh covering your brother's heart but his corpse!" Elder Yue said with a contemptible sneer, where he then spat upon Yue Ye who had fallen to the ground before striding away with wide steps.

    Yue Ye sat dazed upon the ice cold stone slabs, feeling so cold her entire body shivered uncontrollably. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the piece of flesh in the brocade box, her heart feeling as if it was about to jump out from her chest. A searing pain tore at her chest, making her feel so highly nauseous she vomited, but nothing came out.

    That was her Big Brother's flesh.....

    That was her Big Brother's.....

    Yue Ye had endured so much for so many years but she had never been in as much despair as she was feeling at this moment. Elder Yue vengeance had struck so viciously, clutching directly upon her vitals in one stroke!

    Elder Yue's vicious words echoed in Yue Ye's mind. At that moment, Yue Ye had lost any ability to think. The very instant she thought of the fact that her elder brother had fallen into Elder Yue's hands, the agony was worse than death!

    Yue Ye was trembling as she climbed to her feet from the ground. It had been a clear night sky but dark ominous clouds suddenly came floating in overhead, blocking out the bright moon as darkness engulfed everything surrounding her.

    A light pattering drizzle then fell, the little drops of rain falling upon Yue Ye's shivering body.

    The light drizzle turned into a heavy downpour, and Yue Ye's tears blended in with the falling rain. She clutched the brocade box tightly to her chest, stumbling as she climbed to her feet.

    Her mind was a complete blank and she did not know what she wanted to do at all. She just blindly went walking forward, the icy cold raindrops hitting upon her wretched frame, drenching her completely, but she did not feel a thing.

    At that same moment, Jun Wu Xie was playing with Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit as she carried them in her arms inside her room. When she suddenly detected a strange presence, she handed the two dumb beasts back to Ye Sha.

    "Meh." Lord Meh Meh waved its four tiny hooves unforgivingly, protesting vehemently against their days where they spent more time apart than being together.

    Ever since they came to the Middle Realm, the time it spent together with Jun Wu Xie had reduced by a lot where the time it had to eat good food was reduced in tandem. Although Ye Sha and Ye Gu took very good care of them, the two dumb beasts still highly missed the nice smelling scent upon Jun Wu Xie's person.

    "Be good." Jun Wu Xie said as she raised up a hand to rub Lord Meh Meh on its tiny head.
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