Chapter 1850: “Flesh and Blood (3)”

    Chapter 1850: "Flesh and Blood (3)"

    Lord Meh Meh gratefully enjoyed the attention and almost purred, finally no longer kicking a fuss as it obediently allowed Ye Sha to carry it away.

    Jun Wu Xie got up and walked to the door and the moment she opened it, she saw the heavy downpour and Yue Ye standing silently in the yard, her exquisite little face totally devoid of colour and her bright eyes having lost their focus. Under the dense rain pelting down upon her tiny frame, she stood there looking highly wretched with her shoulders tightly hunched as she clutched something tightly close, seemingly about to collapse and crumble at any moment.

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie morphed into a ray of light as she shot speedily to Yue Ye's side, and she immediately pulled off her coat to drape it over Yue Ye's body.

    From when had her little disciple been able to show an expression filled with so much despair and hopelessness?

    "Master....." Yue Ye saw Jun Wu Xie, and the emotions she struggled so hard to hold in finally burst forth. With a cry, she fell into Jun Wu Xie's arms, weeping her heart out.

    Jun Wu Xie widened the flare of her spirit power, putting up a barrier around Yue Ye and herself to block out the icy cold rain.

    Yue Ye sobbed in Jun Wu Xie's arms till she almost collapsed. In the ten years she was here in the Shadow Moon Palace, she had never been in so much despair, and that overwhelming fear and terror had finally caused that heart that was only twelve years old to crumble.

    Jun Wu Xie just stood by Yue Ye silently, letting her cry it all out.

    Under that rainy scene, even with the spirit power barrier keeping the rain out, Yue Ye's body was still continuing to turn chill, and that chill was spreading through Yue Ye's completely drenched clothes onto Jun Wu Xie.

    "Big Brother..... Big Brother..... My Big Brother..... Master..... Please save him..... Save him....." Yue Ye's hoarse voice spat out her words in utter despair.

    She no longer had any other route to choose from. She could no longer see any hope.

    "Alright. I'll save him." Jun Wu Xie still did not know what had happened, but she still remembered the words that Su Ya had said before.

    As someone's Master, then one must protect his own disciple. If the disciple can beat the opponent, let him fight his own fight. If he cannot win, then the Master will shoulder the responsibility!

    No matter what happened, Jun Wu Xie would go all out to help Yue Ye.

    Because, this was her one and only disciple.

    Yue Ye highly strung nerves finally snapped at that moment, as if after she heard Jun Wu Xie's promise, she had finally grasped upon the last life saving straw of grass, and with the toll hammered upon her originally weak body from the icy cold rain, Yue Ye finally succumbed and fainted away into unconsciousness.

    Jun Wu Xie held Yue Ye up by the waist with a scoop of her arm, thinking to quickly bring Yue Ye inside to give her treatment.

    But as Yue Ye fainted, the brocade box that Yue Ye had clutched so tightly to her chest suddenly fell to the ground, opening up its lid.

    A piece of bloodied flesh fell straight out from the box.

    With the rainwater splashing upon it, the bloodstains upon the piece of flesh spread out with the flow of water.

    With the many years of experience Jun Wu Xie had as a doctor, she could immediately tell that that piece of flesh..... came from a human!

    "Ye Sha!" Jun Wu Xie could out free up her hands and had no choice but to summon Ye Sha.

    Ye Sha immediately picked the piece of flesh up and put it back into the box before picking the entire box up.

    Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath. Holding Yue Ye, she dashed straight into the room as a fiery rage burned intensely in her chest.

    After Jun Wu Xie came into the room, she laid Yue Ye upon the bed and she dismissed Ye Sha for the moment before changing Yue Ye out of her cold and wet clothes.

    Seeing Yue Ye unconscious but her body still curled up due to her lack of any sense of security, Jun Wu Xie's eyes darkened.

    After having changed Yue Ye's clothes, fed her with medicine and covering the blanket snugly over her, Jun Wu Xie went walking into another room.

    In that room, Ye Sha and Ye Gu stood by a table, and upon that table was the brocade box that contained the piece of flesh.
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