Chapter 1851: “Flesh and Blood (4)”

    Chapter 1851: "Flesh and Blood (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie stared at that piece of flesh and based on Yue Ye's reaction and what she had said, Jun Wu Xie could roughly guess the origins of that piece of flesh. Her eyes narrowed up, murder filling up within.

    "Ye Gu." Jun Wu Xie called.

    "Your subordinate is here." Ye Gu immediately acknowledged.

    "From today onwards, you keep a full watch on Elder Yue. No matter where he goes, and whatever he does, tell me every single thing." Jun Wu Xie said in a cold voice.

    "Your subordinate has received his orders!" With that acknowledgement, the figure of Ye Gu then disappeared completely from the room in a flash.

    So what if Elder Yue was a Silver Spirit?

    Before the Commander in Chief of the Night Regime, he was nothing.

    "Young Miss, this is Yue Yi's....." Ye Sha started to say softly, as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's darkened face.

    "It should be." Jun Wu Xie said with a nod.

    She had considered the fact that Elder Yue would exact revenge and act in retaliation, but she had not thought that Elder Yue's method would be so extreme. Even though Yue Ye had escaped from being under his control, which would then inadvertently lead to the level that he could manipulate Yue Yi reducing slightly, but as long as Yue Ye was still in the Shadow Moon Palace. Elder Yue would still be able to use her to threaten Yue Yi.

    But with such extreme methods being employed by Elder Yue, it showed he intended to force Yue Yi and Yue Ye to their deaths, where he was not even willing to put up the slightest pretence of amicability.

    Jun Wu Xie had underestimated Elder Yue's vicious nature and the extremes he would go to. Having thought that Yue Yi was the lone best chip he held in his hands, even when he had been played out by Yue Ye, he would surely not sacrifice Yue Yi. It could now be seen that Elder Yue's personality was more vicious than Jun Wu Xie had imagined.

    "Young Miss, you asked the bossman to go watch Elder Yue, why not just capture and interrogate him instead?" Ye Sha asked, feeling a little puzzled.

    Jun Wu Xie then replied: "With Elder Yue's personality being so extreme, even if we captured him, he would have taken his own life before I can make a move. Having him killed is not a problem, but before he is killed, we need to first find Yue Yi."

    If it was any other thing, Jun Wu Xie would have dared to bring in the thunder. But as this matter concerned Yue Yi's life, once Elder Yue decides to break out of the net even if it kills the fishes, then they would never be able to find where Yue Yi was.

    What Jun Wu Xie wanted, was to first save Yue Yi, and as for Elder Yue, he was already a dead man walking in Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    After having listened to what Jun Wu Xie said, Ye Sha immediately understood Jun Wu Xie's concerns. Elder Yue had a highly twisted personality and Jun Wu Xie's worry was not unfounded.

    "After we rescue Yue Yi, will Young Miss then want to have Elder Yue killed?" Ye Sha then asked.

    Jun Wu Xie gave a cold smile.

    "Kill him just like that? Wouldn't that be too easy for him?"

    Seeing that smile on Jun Wu Xie, Ye Sha could not help but feel a chill run through him. Jun Wu Xie had truly been angered this time.

    Towards a disciple like Yue Ye, Jun Wu Xie was highly satisfied with her. And due to her having been influenced by Su Ya, Jun Wu Xie had learnt from Su Ya's overprotective nature towards their disciples. With Yue Ye having looked so wretched today, even Ye Sha had found it painful to watch, what's more for Jun Wu Xie?

    At that moment, Ye Sha could only silently mourn for Elder Yue inwardly. Having angered Jun Wu Xie, his fate would surely be a hundred times worse than death!

    Jun Wu Xie then composed her emotions and kept the brocade box properly away. She got up and returned to her room, to tend to Yue Ye's condition.

    Yue Ye had taken too big a shock and added to that would be her worry for Yue Yi. Suffering from all that and getting herself drenched in the icy cold rain for so long, her body was extremely weak at that moment. Even after taking Jun Wu Xie's elixirs, her condition was still in very bad shape.

    Jun Wu Xie possessed medicine to treat the body's pains and wounds, but she had no medicine to heal the wounds in Yue Ye's heart.

    Nobody could possibly imagine, when Yue Ye saw that piece of bloodied flesh, the kind of hopelessness and despair her heart had felt.
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