Chapter 1852: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (1)”

    Chapter 1852: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (1)"

    Yue Ye slept through the entire night and in her sleep, she tossed and turned, her brows remained furrowed, like she was having a nightmare.

    "Big Brother!" Yue Ye sat up on the bed suddenly, her body bathed in cold sweat from terror.

    "Yue Ye." Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly sounded in her ears from the side.

    Yue Ye turned her pale face and saw Jun Wu Xie sitting at her bedside. The air in the room was tinged with the faint fragrance of herbs, completely different from the rot and unbearable stench in her dreams. It had all been just a dream.

    In an instant, Yue Ye became rather flustered. She was not able to differentiate whether all that had happened before was merely a dream or real. Her heart was wincing with pain as that dream had felt so real and the pain was tearing her heart apart.

    "Master....." Yue Ye was a little dazed as she looked at Jun Wu Xie, her face that had been filled with vitality before now wan and sallow. Her voice was weak, almost pleading as she called out to Jun Wu Xie.

    "I dreamt that Elder Yue captured my brother. It was just a dream right? I only had a nightmare and Big Brother is completely fine right?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Yue Ye in silence, not knowing how to answer at that moment. Based on her experience, Yue Ye's nerves were at that moment on the brink of collapse. Yue Ye might have a strong will, but over the long span of ten years, her nerves had been stretched taut to the point of almost snapping. With such a great shock inflicted upon her now, the slightest misstep now might very well drive her over the edge and cause her mind to fall into complete collapse.

    "Master..... Can you quickly tell me..... Big Brother..... is fine..... and I was just dreaming....." Yue Ye's voice was almost breaking as she looked pleadingly at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie then slowly opened her mouth to say: "It's just a dream. Yue Yi is still dealing with some matters outside and he can only be back a little later. He is fine."

    Hearing Jun Wu Xie's words said with such calm, Yue Ye sat dazed for a moment before her pale face showed a weak but brilliant smile.

    "So it was all just a dream....."

    "You've caught a cold and you must remain here to nurse yourself for the next few days. When Yue Yi comes back, I will ask him to come here to see you." Jun Wu Xie's indifferent voice gave people a huge sense of relief, calm without a ripple of shock, sounding like nothing had ever happened before.

    "Mm." Yue Ye nodded obediently as she hugged a corner of the blanket tightly, her legs curled tightly against her.

    "I have your medicine here. Make sure you take it. I have some things to attend to and I will come back to see you again a little later." Jun Wu Xie said as she brought the medicinal soup she had prepared. The medicine had turned cold and she used her spirit powers to heat it up quickly. By the time she delivered it into Yue Ye's hands, the temperature of the medicine was just right.

    Yue Ye took the bowl of medicinal soup, grasping it with both hands. When she saw her pallid reflection in the bowl of soup, she was a little surprised.

    She stared at it for a while before she gulped down the bitter concoction completely.

    Jun Wu Xie then took the empty bowl from her and was about to get up to leave.


    Jun Wu Xie paused in her steps as she turned her head to look at Yue Ye calmly.

    "Big Brother will really come back?" Yue Ye's lip was trembling slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head very slightly but determinedly, before she went walking out.

    In the instant that the room's door closed, Yue Ye hugged the blanket close and lowered her head, trying her hardest to curl herself into a ball. If anyone were to see her at that moment, they would discover that the little girl who tried so hard to put on a brave front was hiding under the blanket and weeping soundlessly. She bit down hard upon a corner of the blanket, not wanting the softest sob to escape out from her mouth, but all the tears flowing over her cheeks had already drenched the blanket's corner.

    Jun Wu Xie stood behind the door, hearing the sobs that were being suppressed, and she drew in a long deep breath.
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