Chapter 1853: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (2)”

    Chapter 1853: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (2)"

    "Young Miss!" The figure of Ye Gu suddenly appeared before Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie shot Ye Gu a meaningful glance and immediately went walking towards the other room just beside.

    There were some things that she did not want Yue Ye to hear and although it was clear to her that Yue Ye knew everything had not been a dream, but she did not want the already weakened little girl to be provoked any further.

    After Ye Gu followed Jun Wu Xie to walk into the room, he immediately said: "Your subordinate followed Elder Yue for the entire night and did not discover him doing anything different but to just remain within his own residence with most of his time spent in his study, staying in here till very late before going back to his room to rest, never leaving the courtyard once."

    Ye Gu had kept watch over Elder Yue for an entire night and when he came to report back to Jun Wu Xie on Elder Yue's movements, he made Ye Sha continue to temporarily keep watch on his behalf.

    "Never left the courtyard?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed.

    "Yes. Your subordinate did not see anyone coming into the courtyard either, nor noticed him coming into contact with anyone." In regards to his observation skills, Ye Gu had absolute confidence and with the level of power he possessed, no one within the Twelve Palaces would be able to escape under his watch.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes lowered slightly to stare upon the marble floor, her mind processing the information that Ye Gu had brought in.

    She was certain that Yue Yi was in Elder Yue's hands. Elder Yue was a person with a sly and twisted nature and after being betrayed by Yue Ye, he had become more cautious. Since he was using Yue Yi to threaten Yue Ye this time, it was a certainty that he would not reveal the location that Yue Yi was so easily.

    Jun Wu Xie recalled about the piece of "flesh over the heart" Yue Ye had brought back. As a medical practitioner, from the level of freshness in a piece of flesh, she could roughly gauge the time the piece of flesh had been cut out.

    That piece of "flesh over the heart" had not been cut out for too long a period of time and that meant Elder Yue could not possibly have hidden Yue Yi outside the Shadow Moon Palace, but somewhere within the palace or the piece of flesh would not still be oozing blood when Yue Ye brought it in.

    "Have you investigated into Elder Yue's study?" Jun Wu Xie then queried.

    "When Ye Sha had been searching for the jade for Young Miss before, he had gone into the study. And in Elder Yue's study, there is a secret room. Your subordinate has asked Ye Sha and Ye Sha told me the secret chamber is not all that big. He also said there are also a variety of things piled up in there, which doesn't look like a place that could hide a person." Ye Gu replied.

    "But in order to play it safe, your subordinate had gone to check the study and did not find Yue Yi in the secret chamber. Although..... upon the floor inside the secret chamber, your subordinate discovered some bloodstains. The bloodstains had already congealed but judging from its colour, they were left behind just a few days ago. Your subordinate suspects that Yue Yi had previously been locked in that secret chamber for a while and it is highly possible that the punishment had been carried out in that as well, but Yue Yi's current whereabouts is not known." As the Commander in Chief of the Night Regime, Ye Gu's observation of every single detail was seen to be highly thorough as he presented a perfect report to Jun Wu Xie, allowing Jun Wu Xie to sieve and process her thoughts more quickly.

    "Continue to keep a close watch. From now onwards, both you and Ye Sha will watch Elder Yue. If you discover Elder Yue coming into any contact with anyone, one of you will then be able to follow the other person." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed. No matter what, she was going to get Yue Yi out.

    "But Lord Jue..... Err, Young Master Wu Yao left instructions that at least one of us must remain by your side." Ye Gu was feeling rather torn.

    Jun Wu Xie then said coldly: "If you are not willing to heed my orders, then you can go seek him now."

    Ye Gu was startled and he immediately fell onto one knee to say: "Your subordinate wouldn't dare! It shall be as the Young Miss has ordered!"
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