Chapter 1854: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (3)”

    Chapter 1854: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. She acknowledged the Night Regime's power, but no matter how powerful one's subordinate was, if they were not willing to obey her orders, then she would be better off without them.

    Even when they were people that Jun Wu Yao had left behind, it would be the same.

    Jun Wu Xie had her own set of standards.

    "Now, bring me to Elder Yue's study." Jun Wu Xie said, narrowing her eyes. She needed to go take a look for herself.

    At that moment, Elder Yue was dealing with some affairs of the Shadow Moon Palace and Ye Sha was secretly watching his every move while Ye Gu was keeping guard outside Elder Yue's study.

    Jun Wu Xie went into Elder Yue's study on her own. According to what Ye Gu had told her about the hidden switch, Jun Wu Xie opened the secret chamber in Elder Yue's study.

    It was a room that was about twenty square meters in size and tall wooden shelves stood against three sides of the walls. A variety of brocade boxes were placed on every level of the shelves, boxes of different sizes arranged neatly upon them, with some smaller brocade boxes stacked up together. The secret chamber was kept very clean but Jun Wu Xie who was very sensitive towards the smell of blood could still detect a faint scent of it.

    Right in the middle of the secret chamber, a white jade bed carved out of nephrite lay across and on the bed's surface, some uneven depressions making long and thin marks could be seen. Within those depressions, she saw stains that had turned black and Jun Wu Xie used her silver needle to dig a little out to inspect. She then discovered that the black stuff with the thin crevices was actually blood that had dried for Heavens knew how long!

    Nephrite was not as hard and they were more easily scratched. Jun Wu Xie stared at the several crack like marks upon the nephrite bed with the bloodstains that had dried up from long ago and she suddenly understood everything.

    This room must be the place where Elder Yue abused children. Upon that clear white and beautiful nephrite bed, who knew how many naive children had suffered under that kind of nefarious abuse, these very crackline marks left behind by the struggling that the children would have put up at that time.

    Just how agonizing it must have been for those children to leave these marks upon the nephrite bed?

    The shouts and screams within this secret chamber, struggling in hopelessness and despair, nails scratching into the nephrite, to leave these dark marks.

    Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath. Within that small little secret chamber, how many aggrieved spirits were wailing in there?

    Closing her eyes, she could almost seem to hear the desperate cries of those young lives wailing in aggrievement.

    Jun Wu Xie calmed the surge of emotions within her heart, composing herself and her heart to allow her to continue to look for any other traces that might give her a clue. She found the marks of several drops of blood left behind under the nephrite bed. Compared to the bloodstains upon the bed, these marks were fresher. It was just as Ye Gu had guessed, these bloodstains were more recent and they were left there just a few days before.

    Jun Wu Xie squatted down and she pulled out a medicine bottle from her Cosmos Sack. She then opened the cover and dripped the bottle's rice white coloured liquid upon the dried bloodstains. Very soon, the bloodstains dissolved into the liquid and Jun Wu Xie scooped up the blood and liquid together to store it in a new bottle. She kept the bottle away properly before she stood up and surveyed the surrounding shelves.

    The jade pendant that Elder Ying wanted was found by Ye Sha in here. What kind of other things would Elder Yue keep in here?

    Jun Wu Xie walked over to one of the set of shelves and pulled down a brocade box that was the size of a palm. Opening it, she only found a hair pin dotted with rust inside. The hairpin's workmanship was coarse and there were no jade stones embedded in it, a most plain and cheap looking piece.

    But the size of that hairpin was a little different, a bit smaller than what most regular ladies would use, looking to be more like what a small child would use.
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