Chapter 1855: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (4)”

    Chapter 1855: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (4)"

    But the size of that hairpin was a little different, a bit smaller than what most regular ladies would use, looking to be more like what a small child would use.

    Jun Wu Xie then looked through several more of those brocade boxes, to discover that they contained mostly more of such simple and and cheap little pieces. The condition of the items told of the long time they had been kept there and in terms of value, they were not worth a single cent.

    But all those items had a common characteristic. They were basically things that would be found on a child.

    Longevity lockets, silver bangles.....

    Upon the shelves filling up three sides of the walls, were all trinkets meant for children.

    Jun Wu Xie could almost be certain that the reason all these items were here was because of Elder Yue's nasty habit!

    The owners of these items, should have suffered Elder Yue's torment within this little chamber where they had finally died in hopelessness and fear, and Elder Yue had kept these trinkets they owned as trophies within this secret chamber.

    The truth disgusted Jun Wu Xie beyond words!

    It was wondered what kind of an mindset did Elder Yue hold when he took these items off those corpses? How could he possibly enjoy any peace of mind with so many aggrieved souls lingering in here as he continued to commit such nefarious deeds?

    Jun Wu Xie pushed down the utter disgust she felt in her heart and looked through all those items once. The position that those items were placed in seemed to be based according to the length of time they had been placed there.

    On a shelf that was closest to the door, were several brocade boxes that looked slightly newer.

    But there was one point that Jun Wu Xie found to be strange. When Ye Sha had previously stolen the jade pendant from here, he did not move the original brocade box that contained the pendant, but had used another box of his own when he brought it out, and the original brocade box that Elder Yue had placed the jade pendant in was still there upon the shelf. According to what she was told by Ye Sha, that brocade box was placed at the most front end among everything.

    Jun Wu Xie located her target very quickly. But compared to the other brocade boxes, the box that contained the jade pendant was rather different in colour.

    The other brocade boxes were made from black iron wood, and this one was rosewood.

    Within the entire room, only the box that held the pendant was made from rosewood.

    It shouldn't just be a coincidence, and it was not possible that it was because he had used up all the black iron wood boxes because Jun Wu Xie could see quite a number of black iron wood brocade boxes piled up in a corner of the room.

    Moreover, the rosewood brocade box was not new, and judging from the appearance of the box, it would even seem to be well aged, in fact older than any of the other brocade boxes in the entire secret chamber.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up slightly, a terrifying conjecture suddenly rising up in her heart.

    "Young Miss, Elder Yue will be coming back soon." As Jun Wu Xie was thinking things through, Ye Gu's voice suddenly sounded from outside the secret chamber. Jun Wu Xie immediately retracted her thoughts and restored everything in the secret chamber to its original state, like nothing had ever happened in there at all.

    After Jun Wu Xie left Elder Yue's study, she did not return back to her residence immediately, but made a detour towards Elder Ying's residence instead.

    Elder Ying had been happily idling and feeling highly at ease over the recent period. In reality, he held no interest towards the scramble for power and authourity within the Shadow Moon Palace. Back at the time when the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's health had deteriorated, he had joined in the struggle just to make things difficult for Elder Yue but now that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had reacquired his control and authourity, the power held by the various Elders had all been reduced and Elder Ying could be said to be the happiest one among everyone, with more time freed up every single day.
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