Chapter 1856: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (5)”

    Chapter 1856: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (5)"

    Elder Ying was at that moment sitting highly leisurely in his courtyard as he admired the flowers and sipped at tea when he suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie appear. He was slightly taken aback and his face then went on to break into a smile.

    "Kid, you have finally found the leisure to come look for me already? Oh right, do you know that Elder Yue committed a big mistake in the last few days and has incurred the disdain of the Palace Lord?" Elder Ying said with a laugh. He had heard about things concerning Elder Yue around and only knew that someone had stirred up trouble in Hill City that Elder Yue had been in charge of where not only the branch had been destroyed, they had even lost quite a number of disciples, which could be considered to have swept right across Elder Yue's face.

    As long as Elder Yue was unhappy, Elder Ying's heart would then be exhilarated.

    "At which point of time did receive news of your son's death?" Jun Wu Xie looked at the smiling Elder Ying and then suddenly popped a question that made Elder Ying unable to smile anymore.

    The smile upon Elder Ying's face froze up in an instant. He had been at such leisurely ease over the recent period but it seemed he was just trying to find some joy within suffering as the bitter end his son's family had long been an indelible pain lodged deep in his heart and the hatred between Elder Yue and Elder Ying had stemmed from that.

    "Around ten years ago. Why would you ask about that?" Elder Ying asked with his brows creased together.

    "When you came to the Shadow Moon Palace, were Yue Yi and Yue Ye already in the Shadow Moon Palace?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

    Elder Ying began to felt that something was not right and he straightened himself up in his seat as he tried his best to recall the past. It was after a moment before he said: "They were already here and Elder Yue brought them to come see me once. Yue Ye was very young then and she was mostly carried by people while Yue Yi had already gained an awareness of things but he seemed to be rather afraid of me, always lowering his head to not say a word whenever he saw me."

    Due to the death of his own son, coupled with the fact that his daughter in law and grandchild had gone missing, the kind of turmoil affecting Elder Ying caused him to not pay much attention to the children in the Shadow Moon Palace.

    "Why are you suddenly asking me this?" Elder Ying was feeling that Jun Wu Xie's words were hiding another meaning behind and his heart unconsciously quickened.

    "I went into Elder Yue's study and I discovered a secret chamber within the study. Hidden inside that chamber, were things left behind from all of Elder Yue's victims, and the other half of the Zhan Family's jade heirloom you now hold was found from that place." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Elder Ying's entire body quaked, the despair and sorrowful pain in his eyes almost causing him to collapse.

    From the time he knew that the jade pendant had been found from Elder Yue's place, he had already felt highly uneasy about it. Knowing full well that his grandchild and daughter in law could very possibly have already fallen victim, he had been unwilling to think that things were really that bad. He chose to rather believe that Elder Yue had coincidentally picked it up than to imagine that his grandchild had been brought by people into the Shadow Moon Palace, who had then been tortured to death under Elder Yue's hands.

    All of that, to an old man who had already lived past half a century, would almost be a mind blowing calamity to him!

    "What are you trying to say....." Elder Ying's voice was trembling slightly.

    "I want a drop of your blood." Jun Wu Xie then said.

    Elder Ying stared at Jun Wu Xie with his mouth agape. "What are you really thinking of doing?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Ying coldly and said: "If you want to know whether your family members are still alive, then you'd better do as I say."

    Elder Ying's heart shook, noticing the harsh chill in Jun Wu Xie's voice as he became flustered. But under that icy chill, he had instead sense a tiny sliver of hope!

    He immediately stretched his hand out and pricked his finger with the dagger he carried around with him without the slightest hesitation.

    Bright red blood flowed out from the wound and Jun Wu Xie took out an empty bowl and a flask of clear water from her Cosmos Sack before she poured some water into the bowl.

    "Drip a drop in there." Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes up to look at Elder Ying and say.
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