Chapter 1857: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (6)”

    Chapter 1857: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (6)"

    Elder Ying glanced at Jun Wu Xie and then did according to what she said by dripping one drop of blood into the water. Thereafter, the figure of Ye Gu then appeared right beside Jun Wu Xie suddenly.

    Elder Ying was slightly startled in the instant he saw Ye Gu and he was just about to make a move when he saw Ye Gu handing a jade white porcelain bottle over to Jun Wu Xie, who then disappeared quickly right before his eyes.

    "That person is....." Elder Ying's eyes were incredulously wide. Although his spirit powers could not compare to Elder Yue's, it was not that low. But he had not sensed anything in the slightest on when Ye Gu had even come.

    "One of my men." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly, as she opened the white jade porcelain bottle.

    One drop of blood then slid out from the white jade porcelain bottle to drip into the water.

    The two drops of blood then slowly melded together in the water.....

    "This is....." Elder Ying stared at the two drops of blood melded together, and he rubbed his eyes in disbelief, his heart rate rising at the same time as his face flushed a red shade.

    He lifted his eyes, to look at Jun Wu Xie extremely anxiously, his hands uncontrollably exerting strength, seemingly almost about to crush the slab of stone into pieces!

    "Good and bad news, one piece each. Which do you want to listen to first?" Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes to look at Elder Ying to ask.

    "Tell me! Tell me quickly! Whose blood is this! ?" Elder Ying said, unable to hold himself back.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "Yue Ye."

    The blood was what Jun Wu Xie had instructed Ye Gu to go fetch when she was leaving from Elder Yue's courtyard.

    Elder Ying stared at Jun Wu Xie with his eyes widened and mouth hanging open, his body trembling uncontrollably.

    "Proving kinship through drops of their blood is not entirely accurate but I added some drugs into the water and only those who share the same bloodline would see the blood meld." As a doctor of the modern society, Jun Wu Xie had always snorted in disdain towards such a primitive and ancient method of proving kinship. To really test whether there was a blood bond, it could only be done by checking on their deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. But as there wasn't any appropriate equipment in this world, she could only replace it with drugs and medicine.

    "You are saying..... Yue Ye..... is..... is my granddaughter?" Elder Ying's mind was suddenly filled with a loud humming.

    "Both Yue Ye and Yue Yi are." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Elder Ying gasped loudly. No other answer pained him more than this.

    He knew very well the kind of bitter suffering Yue Yi and Yue Ye underwent in the Shadow Moon Palace. But never in his dreams would he have ever once thought that they were his very own grandson and granddaughter!

    That terrifying truth almost suffocated Elder Ying!

    "You already know the good news. Your grandson and granddaughter are still alive. But now, there is a piece of bad news I need to tell you." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up, not feeling all that surprised with the result.

    "Wh..... What kind of bad news?" Elder Ying clutched at his chest.

    "Elder Yue captured Yue Yi, to threaten Yue Ye....." Jun Wu Xie told Elder Ying about Yue Yi having been captured very simply.

    It was just an instant, but Elder Ying's mind was almost going to explode after he heard everything!

    He then shattered the stone table with a single palm strike, his eyes glaring wide!

    "He actually dared! ! ?"

    Having known that his grandson and granddaughter were still alive, it gave Elder Ying both pain and a sense of hope. But Jun Wu Xie last few words had pushed him right over into the deep ravine!

    "To save him now, you need to move in tandem with me." The reason Jun Wu Xie had come to find Elder Ying, was not as simple as merely letting them acknowledge their relationship.

    "Just say it! Whatever you want me to do! I want that beast, Elder Yue to die! ! !" Elder Ying spat those words out through tightly clenched teeth, his gums bleeding from the force of his bite.

    At that moment, he thought back to the day when he had just come to the Shadow Moon Palace, realizing how big a ridicule he was when Elder Yue had brought Yue Yi and Yue Ye to come see him!
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