Chapter 1859: “Jun Wu Xie’s Revenge (8)”

    Chapter 1859: "Jun Wu Xie's Revenge (8)"

    After hearing everything that Elder Yue said, the disciple immediately went on to carry out his tasks.

    A dark shadow followed soundlessly behind that disciple as he left.

    Elder Ying stood outside Jun Wu Xie's room door and looked through the window at Yue Ye who was staring blankly into the mirror, her eyes seemingly brewing with endless sorrow.

    "I should have thought of it long ago when both of you look so much like her but I am instead almost forgetting what that lady looked like when I should be remembering." Elder Ying's voice was slightly raspy and looking at Yue Ye's wan and sallow little face, his eyes could not help but turn red around the rims.

    Jun Wu Xie stood beside Elder Ying, following Elder Ying's gaze to look inside.

    "Tell me, if I had noticed that they looked so much like their mother, would they..... not have had to suffer so much hardship all these years?" Elder Ying had never hated himself so much like he did at that very moment.

    Jun Wu Xie did not open her mouth, and she did not know what to say at that moment as well.

    Elder Ying drew in a deep breath and stepped back from the window into the yard, not saying a word for a rather long while. After being silent for a stretch, he kept his head lowered as he said in a low voice: "I will definitely make the Shadow Moon Palace pay the price. I'm waiting for your plans to commence. I must make them pay for it with their blood!"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Ying's hate filled eyes, and she gave a light sigh.

    She couldn't fully understand the kind of regret and sorrow Elder Ying was feeling at that very moment, but she knew that he must be in great pain.

    A lone Ink Snake came shooting in without a sound from outside the yard, its flexible body slithering over to come just beside Jun Wu Xie's foot. Jun Wu Xie squatted down and reached her hand out to carry the Ink Snake in the palm of his hand. She then poked at the Ink Snake's bloated belly and it spat out a wax ball from its mouth.

    Crushing the wax ball with her fingers, a written note appeared before Jun Wu Xie's eyes. Jun Wu Xie read the contents on the note speedily, a cold smile curling up at the corner of her mouth.

    "Yue Yi has already been found. Our plans can now begin." Spirit power lit up in Jun Wu Xie's hand, burning the note to a crisp.

    Elder Ying immediately raised his head, his face anxious but also tinged with a sliver of delight as he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    "He's been found? How..... How is he now?"

    "He's been brought to a safe place but he's still rather weak. I will go treat him in awhile." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

    "Then..... then can I go see him?" Elder Ying asked, sounding a little anxious and eager.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "Having brought him back, Elder Yue will definitely find out about it very soon. What you need to do now is to push on with our plans quickly. Otherwise, once Elder Yue gathers himself up, we will not come across chances like this easily anymore."

    Elder Ying was a little hesitant at first, but after giving it a thought, he became highly determined.

    "Alright! I shall make the arrangements now. Rest assured, I will not allow that scoundrel Elder Yue to ever be able to turn himself around this time!" The hatred and anger in his heart quickened Elder Ying's footsteps as he left Jun Wu Xie's courtyard immediately after saying those words.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Ying's back as he departed in a hurry, her eyes darkening as she turned to walk towards a tiny house in the yard.

    In the instant that she stepped into the room, the thick stench of blood shot right up her nose.

    Ye Sha who stood by the bed had his clothes already soaked in blood as he looked at Jun Wu Xie and nodded his head slightly.

    Yue Yi lay quietly upon the bed, the bedsheets under him already stained a bright red. His body was filled with wounds all over, garish whip wounds covering his entire body and just terrifying to look at.
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