Chapter 1860: “Stretch Your Face Over (1)”

    Chapter 1860: "Stretch Your Face Over (1)"

    Yue Yi was gravely hurt. Nothing like the light manner Jun Wu Xie had put to across to Elder Ying, but that point, was known only to Jun Wu Xie alone.

    "Boil hot water." Jun Wu Xie ordered of Ye Sha with just one statement before she immediately started on Yue Yi's treatment.

    Yue Yi's injuries were really highly severe with a great amount of blood loss and he was suffering from dehydration. The wounds on his body were already starting to inflame and rot, with a highly bloodied gaping hole dug out from his chest. That wound had started to rot quite badly and it had turned dark and black.

    Stem the bleeding, anti inflammation treatment, getting rid of the rot. Jun Wu Xie's hands moved so fast they were a blur as she treated the wounds on Yue Yi's body bit by bit.

    Even Little Lotus was summoned out by Jun Wu Xie, who took out a lotus seed to make Yue Yi swallow it or Yue Yi would be stuck with a chronic condition even if he recovers from the treatment.

    Ye Sha just stood at the side silently as he watched Jun Wu Xie carry out the treatment.

    On the other side, Elder Ying had issued orders for all the disciples in the Hill City to strike immediately, not giving Elder Yue any opportunity to tidy things up at all. A large batch of people rushed in, quickly arresting all those people who had not been able to leave the Hill City in time.

    With all preparations complete, Elder Ying had all news about everything that was going on sealed completely, only sending someone back to the palace to relay news of their success to Jun Wu Xie.

    After Jun Wu Xie received the news from Elder Ying, she stood at the side of Yue Yi's bed and stared at Yue Yi whose face was drained of all colour before burning up the letter in her hand cleanly into ashes.

    "Young Miss." Ye Sha took a step forward.

    Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath and said: "It's time. Have Ye Gu pulled back from over at Elder Yue's. It is time for Elder Yue to have a taste of my "reciprocation" to him."

    "Yes, Young Miss!" Ye Sha immediately answered.

    It was unusually quiet in the Shadow Moon Palace, and no one in there could sense the storm that was about descend.

    Elder Ying returned to the palace triumphant and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord personally received him back. In less than a quarter of an hour, news came out from the palace, summoning Elder Yue to come into the main palace hall for a chat.

    At that moment, Elder Yue was still immersed in joy from his revenge. When he received the summons from the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, he heard that Elder Ying would be there as well. He then purposely tidied himself up, changing into a lavish and dignified set of clothes before he set off towards the palace hall, eager for the moment he was to collect the fruits from the results from his scheme.

    Within the Shadow Moon Palace's grand hall, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord sat on the principal ruling seat while Elder Ying stood inside the hall, the atmosphere a little strange.

    Elder Yue arrived moments later, a gentle smile hanging from his face. He walked into the palace hall and facing the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, he smiled and said: "My Lord, it is wondered for what reason my Lord has summoned your subordinate?"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face was highly darkened in an ugly shade. When he saw Elder Yue appear, he did not show the slightest hint of a smile but just threw a whole stack of letters right before Elder Yue.

    "Take a good look at all of them!"

    Elder Yue was slightly taken aback. The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's tone of voice had rage hidden behind it which he did not understand at all. Staring at the pile of letters, his brows creased up together, as he secretly cast a glance at Elder Ying standing at the side.

    Elder Ying merely stood quietly there in the palace hall, not looking at Elder Yue at all.

    Suspicion rose within Elder Yue's heart, left with no choice but to go pick up the stack of letters and look through them.

    With that one look, Elder Yue's heart immediately jumped straight up into the top of his throat, the smile upon his face disappearing completely, and his face turning deathly pale.

    "What else do you have to say for yourself! ?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord slammed his hand down upon the table in rage as he glared angrily at Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue fell onto his knees with a thud, cold sweat running down his back as he said hurriedly: "My Lord! The..... The things written here are all not true! Your subordinate's loyalty to the Shadow Moon Palace can be vouched by the sun and moon! Someone is surely intentionally framing your subordinate here my Lord! You must really believe me in this!"
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