Chapter 1861: “Stretch Your Face Over (2)”

    Chapter 1861: "Stretch Your Face Over (2)"

    Scattered upon the floor, the written content in all those letters pointed to his relationship with a certain person, where it clearly recorded that Elder Yue ordered people to set fire to the Hill City's branch, murdered the disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace and many other kinds of infraction.

    That whole stack of letters had been delivered straight up right before the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and when he finished looking through them, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's mind was just about to explode!

    "Believe you? How can I believe you! ? Elder Yue, do you think I have already lost my mind? That I have become so muddle headed that I cannot recognize your handwriting? You mustn't forget! When I was young, you were the one who taught me calligraphy yourself! Your handwriting, is something deeply entrenched in my mind!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was so angry his face had turned a little pale. If this had been done by someone else, it wouldn't be this bad. Although he had restricted Elder Yue's authourity to a certain extent recently, but among all the Elders throughout the entire Shadow Moon Palace, the one he trusted the most had been Elder Yue!

    "My Lord! It's not me! It really isn't me! These letters, must have been written by someone who imitated my handwriting!" Elder Yue was in a panic. Never would he have dreamt that these letters would fall into the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's hands.

    The contents upon the letters had indeed been written by Elder Yue's own hand. In order to exact vengeance upon Yue Ye so that he could regain control over her, he had dreamed up such a scheme for him to capture Yue Yi, and those people in the Hill City were links he used to communicate with people from other powers. All those power were just anxious to win the Shadow Moon Palace's favour but they never had the chance. With this line thrown out by Elder Yue, they had all eagerly jumped on it, thinking to use Elder Yue to gain themselves the inside track into the palace, while Elder Yue had made use of that very mindset of those people, to use them as a force of his own outside of the Shadow Moon Palace.

    In order to ensure that his plans came to fruition, he had used letters to communicate with them. But he had reminded them repeatedly every single time, that they were to burn up the letters immediately after reading them, in the end.....

    This time, Elder Yue was shocked silly. When he had written those letters, as he had only intended for those letters to be seen only by those people who sought his favour, the words he used had been arrogant and filled with disdain. These things, must not be seen by anyone in the Shadow Moon Palace, and never ever should they be seen by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    He could almost imagine the kind of rage and shock that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord must have felt when he saw them.

    "Good! So you are not going to admit it?" Instead of rage, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord laughed. He was so angry he was visibly trembling as he raised a finger to point at Elder Ying and said: "Elder Ying, go bring in those people right now! I will then like to see how this traitorous ingrate can still continue to deny it!"

    Elder Ying's face was completely calm, without the slightest sign of glee or rage, but just a stoic expression as he carried out the task going by the book.

    Elder Yue's heart grew even more panicked. Even if he was a complete idiot, he should be able to tell that all these letters were brought in by Elder Ying. But he had clearly made prior preparations for everything, so how did these things come to fall into Elder Ying's hands?

    And what worried Elder Yue more at that moment was.....

    Those people.....

    Who are those people?

    Elder Yue remained kneeling on the floor not daring to move an inch, his heart drumming like thunder as an ominous feeling rose up within.

    In just awhile, Elder Ying came into the palace hall leading several of the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples.

    A clinking clatter then reverberated within the palace hall. Behind those disciples, more than ten wretched looking men with their hands and legs bound in chains were being led into the palace hall, looking highly dispirited.

    "Upon seeing the Palace Lord and you're all not on your knees? !" Elder Ying shouted in a cold voice.

    With shivering legs, all the men uniformly knelt down before the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, their bodies trembling as they said: "Respects to my Lord."
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