Chapter 1862: “Stretch Your Face Over (3)”

    Chapter 1862: "Stretch Your Face Over (3)"

    Once Elder Yue saw those people, his mind exploded in that instant, his entire person slumped in a daze, not moving at all.

    "Tell the Palace Lord who you people are, and what kind of a relationship you have with Elder Yue." Elder Ying said in a deep voice.

    With their backs well bent, the men looked upon the Shadow Moon Palace Lord in abject terror.

    "My Lord, I am the Maniac Sect's Deputy Chief. The Chief asked for me look into our sect joining up under the revered Shadow Moon Palace and as your humble servant was unable to see my Lord, I went through other avenues and managed to be linked up with Elder Yue. Elder Yue then told us that for us to be able to join the Shadow Moon Palace, we must first show our sincerity by doing what he tells us to do."

    "My Lord, I am the Maple Pavilion's....."

    My Lord....."

    More than ten men knelt on the floor as they introduced themselves. They were all from different sects and powers, but they were all similarly seeking to gain the favour of the Shadow Moon Palace and they had all been linked up with Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue had basically hinted the same thing to all of them, which was to do as per his orders, and his orders were what the Shadow Moon Palace Lord wanted. Only by doing as they were told, would they then show the Shadow Moon Palace Lord their sincerity.

    The more the Shadow Moon Palace Lord heard, the darker his face turned to become. Under Elder Ying's interrogation, those people had not only revealed they fact that they had followed Elder Yue's orders to attack the Hill City's branch, they also told of treasures that they had presented to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord through Elder Yue.

    And as for those treasures, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had never even seen them even once before.

    In whose hands had all those things fallen into? One immediately knew without even having to think.

    "Elder Yue, you're truly a great Elder of mine. I had thought of you as the most senior Elder of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. You had served my grandfather, my father, and I had trusted you so much. But what have you done? You joined hands with outsiders to oppress the other Elders of our palace and it was not enough that you stuffed your own pockets, you had even gotten these people to murder my palace disciples! What are you trying to do! ! ?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was filled with rage. Towards the minor deviant thoughts and slight infractions the various Elders committed, he had mostly chosen to close an eye towards them. But when one carried it so far to this extent and he continued to ignore it, wouldn't it be as good as him presenting the Shadow Moon Palace on a platter to someone else! ?

    "My Lord..... I've been wrongly accused..... Your subordinate's loyalty to the Shadow Moon Palace can be vouched by the sun and moon. These people..... These people must have been brought in by Elder Ying to frame me. My Lord is aware that Elder Ying has already been at odds with me and his eagerness in taking up the investigation in this incident was purely aimed at sending me to my doom! I have already served the Shadow Moon Palace for so many years and never have I once harboured any intentions of betrayal at all! My Lord! You must definitely believe me! If I truly harboured such thoughts of treachery, why would I need to wait till now? When the late Palace Lord was gravely ill, my Lord was still very young and your subordinate had served and supported my Lord with everything I had, never ever thinking about anything else. If I had really thought that way, wouldn't that have been the best time for me to strike?" Elder Yue said, claiming innocence in a loud voice. He knew, that if today's events concluded as things stood now, it wouldn't matter how much he had done for the Shadow Moon Palace before, the only path ahead of him would only be death!

    Not a single reigning ruler, could possibly allow a person to collude with other powers to weaken their own power and authourity.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord drew in a deep breath, the rage in his heart not diminished in the slightest, but Elder Yue's words had made him recall about many things from when he was still very young.

    His father had been gravely ill when he was still very young. At that time, Elder Yue had the perfect opportunity to gain control over the ruler, to hold reign, but Elder Yue had not done it. Within his rage, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord regained a sliver of calm after hearing Elder Yue's words, though the look on his face did not improve in the slightest.
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