Chapter 1863: “Stretch Your Face Over (4)”

    Chapter 1863: "Stretch Your Face Over (4)"

    Elder Yue detected that he still had space to wiggle and he began to recount all the things that he had done for the Shadow Moon Palace in detail, and brought up the many chances he had to usurp authourity, to prove his loyalty.

    Elder Ying stood on the side and remained silent without a word, but a sense of unease grew in his heart.

    Elder Yue's contributions and standing in the Shadow Moon Palace was deep and profound and he had brought up the Palace Lord under his watch. If he was allowed to bring up more of these things of the past, there was no guarantee that the Palace Lord's heart would not soften.

    At that moment, Elder Ying's gaze unconsciously turned to look towards the outside. He was waiting.

    Waiting for Jun Wu Xie's next move.

    Under Elder Yue's tear jerking persuasion, the expression on the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face finally softened, his heart yielding to the scene after scene of memories elicited as he looked at the aged Elder Yue kneeling within the palace hall, his heart could not help but be moved.

    Elder Yue saw that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was showing signs relent and he secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, but his face still looking highly sorrowful and emotional.

    "Grandfather, aren't you afraid of Heaven's wrath by saying these words! ?" Suddenly, a clear and ringing female voice sounded within the palace hall.

    The eyes of everyone within the hall were all drawn to the voice.

    It was not known from when that Yue Ye, with her face pale, had appeared there just outside the doors of the Shadow Moon Palace Hall.

    "Little Ye?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was taken aback in surprise a moment when he saw Yue Ye.

    Elder Yue stared with his eyes wide, looking in disbelief at Yue Ye.

    "My Lord, Little Ye has something to say." Yue Ye said, her sad eyes looking at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    "You can speak your mind." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord quickly said.

    Yue Ye took a deep breath, and walked into the palace hall, to kneel straight backed and stoic beside Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue's eyes glared at Yue Ye, wishing he could swallow her alive.

    It had been Yue Ye's betrayal that caused the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to look upon him in a bad light for the first time. In the instant that he saw Yue Ye, Elder Yue immediately felt a tinge of trouble inside.

    Yue Ye pretended not to have seen Elder Yue's furious gaze but just went on to raise her head up to look at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. She then prostrated herself down deeply to kowtow, and after raising her head, she then opened her mouth to say: "My Lord, Little Ye has come here today to plead punishment from my Lord for my crime."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord looked at Yue Ye in puzzlement.

    "Little Ye's health is still not fully recovered and there is no need for you to kneel. Quickly get up."

    Yue Ye however shook her head.

    "I beg for my Lord to allow Little Ye to finish what I have to say while kneeling, as Little Ye is guilty, guilty of an unpardonable crime."

    "Yue Ye! You have no business being here!" The sense of unease in Elder Yue's heart grew more and more intense, the voice deep in his heart telling him that he must not allow Yue Ye to continue to speak, or it would all be over.

    "What are you afraid of?" Yue Ye asked, looking at Elder Yue coldly. At that moment, Yue Ye's eyes did not show the slightest bit of her usual timidness but a cold callousness.

    Elder Yue's heart was chilled by that single glance from those eyes.

    "My Lord, please allow Little Ye to finish what I have to say." Yue Ye turned to look at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord once again.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord could do nothing but nod his head helplessly.

    "Little Ye had from a young age been brought up together with my Big Brother, kept at Elder Yue's side, having received Elder Yue's teaching and instruction from young, and Little Ye had always thought that Elder Yue was truly being very nice to Little Ye and Big Brother. But a few days ago, because Little Ye was taken in under my Lord's care, Elder Yue's heart had become displeased and he prepared a present for Little Ye. Little Ye has initially thought that although Elder Yue had previously carried out certain immoral acts upon Little Ye before, but he had afterall been the one who brought up Little Ye and Big Brother, and we are indebted to him for the upbringing. But the present that Elder Yue had suddenly given to Little Ye had made Little Ye really understand just how terrifying this man truly is." Yue Ye said slowly.
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