Chapter 1864: “Stretch Your Face Over (5)”

    Chapter 1864: "Stretch Your Face Over (5)"

    "What kind of a present?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked a little curiously.

    Yue Ye pulled out a brocade box from her robes. At the moment when Elder Yue saw that brocade box, he cried inwardly in horror, wanting to stop her but she did not dare to act rashly.

    Yue Ye opened the brocade box. In that brocade box, was a nauseating piece of flesh that was beginning to rot!

    And the stench of rotting flesh immediately spread into the air within the palace hall!

    "What is that?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord asked as he pinched his nose.

    Yue Ye looked straight into the Palace Lord's eyes.

    "Flesh over the heart. Flesh over my Big Brother, Yue Yi's heart!"

    "What! ?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's eyes widened with incredulity.

    "This was what Elder Yue gifted to Little Ye on the day after Elder Yue came to report to my Lord about the attack on the Hill City's branch and brought news that Big Brother's gone missing." Yue Ye's voice was tinged with a hint of suppressed emotion.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord glared at Elder Yue kneeling at the side, unable to believe everything that was happening.

    Yue Ye kowtowed vehemently, crawling as she knelt to plead: "My Lord, Little Ye is prepared to shoulder the blame and to be cursed for being a wretched ingrate, to have come here today to expose Elder Yue's many evil deeds. I do not dare plead for my Lord's forgiveness, but I beg for my Lord to bring this inhuman, dishonourable, disloyal and unfilial villain to justice!"

    "Yue Ye! Do not think you can spout such nonsense irresponsibly!" Elder Yue was almost screamed out in terror.

    Yue Ye ignored him and continued to say: "Elder Yue taught me and my Big Brother, to only listen to his orders alone, using my Big Brother to gain him more power in the Shadow Moon Palace, and sent Little Ye to my Lord's side, to find an opportunity to poison my Lord."

    "What did you say! ? Poison..... me?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was truly shocked this time.

    "Yes. My Lord can try to recall carefully. When had my Lord's health started to deteriorate? Isn't it not long after Little Ye came close to my Lord, that my Lord started to feel his entire body become weak, breathless and lethargic? Those were the effects from the poison that Elder Yue ordered Little Ye to inflict onto my Lord." Yue Ye's stifled and suppressed voice immediately caused the entire palace hall to fall as silent as death.

    Elder Yue's face turned an iron green shade. He would admit to all the other things she said. But this accusation that he poisoned the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was really something that he had not done! This wench was clearly falsely accusing him!

    "Yue Ye! You'd better not accuse me with such blatant slander! When have I ever made you commit such a heinous act! ? If I had really wanted to harm the Palace Lord, why would I need....."

    "You wanted to strike now, because you felt that enough time had passed, as the poison used on my Lord is a slow acting kind of poison. When this kind of poison is introduced into a person's body, it will need more than ten years before it can send the person into the afterlife, and you had taken the chance when my Lord was frail and weak, while he was unable to handle the palace's affairs, to make my Lord hand over his authourity to you. You had then grabbed the opportunity to build up your might and influence, so that you would be able to smoothly assume the entire Shadow Moon Palace when my Lord falls! You did not dare to do it before you were afraid that if you seize the seat of the Palace Lord then, you would have no legitimate claim to the throne!" Every single word of Yue Ye's was went for blood, slowly tearing off Elder Yue's benign mask bit by bit.

    "You're spouting complete lies! I did not!" Elder Yue was so angry his entire body was shaking, his hand stretching out as they sought to throttle Yue Ye's neck!

    Elder Ying jumped forward valiantly, to stop Elder Yue's attack completely!

    "Let her speak! Let her speak! I am very interested to hear just how many more shameless and treacherous deeds you are responsible for! And just how venomous you really are!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was so filled with rage that his hands with shaking. He might not be suspicious if it had been any other matter. But with the reminder from Yue Ye, he carefully thought back to the time before and after that he had been unwell, and realized that it had been exactly as Yue Ye had said. After his strength could not hold up, he had indeed handed and transferred quite a bit of authourity over to Elder Yue whom he trusts the most.
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