Chapter 1865: “Stick Your Face Out (5)”

    Chapter 1865: "Stick Your Face Out (5)"

    "My Lord, Little Ye had been too young to recognize a person real nature and for so many years, I have disappointed my Lord with the concern shown to Little Ye. Little Ye has been very selfish and if not for the fact that Elder Yue has captured my Big Brother, I will not have exposed everything that Elder Yue has done. When Little Ye decided to come here to spill the beans today, I have prepared myself to be unable to walk out from it alive. If my Lord feels that Little Ye can falsely accuse a person at the cost of my own life, there is then nothing Little Ye has to say, but to beg that my Lord must really be wary of treacherous ingrates, and that Little Ye has let my Lord down." When Yue Ye finished saying all that, she became extraordinarily calm. And it was those very words said with such calm that gave her the most important effect.

    If Elder Yue had not captured Yue Yi, with Yue Ye's kind of personality and the state she was in, there was no need for her to risk her life like this. Because once those words came out from her mouth, there was no more turning back. If the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was to believe them, then there would be no need to mention the end that Elder Yue would come to, but that would still spell doom for Yue Ye as well. And if he chose not to believe her, Yue Ye would definitely not come to any good end as well.

    If she had not been forced with her back pressed against the wall with no other way out, why would Yue Ye want to risk her life like that?

    And it was Yue Ye's words that caused the tinge of longing the Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt for her to evaporate, and his eyes that stared upon Elder Yue to become filled with hatred and doubt.

    Elder Yue's heart fell to the floor with a thud. "My Lord! My Lord, I have never done that, I really haven't!"

    "If my Lord does not believe it, I can use the poison on myself to prove it!" Without another word, Yue Ye took out a medicine bottle from her robes, and tilted her head back to gulp it down before everyone's eyes.

    A crisp and clear tinkle sounded, as the empty bottle in Yue Ye's hand fell to the floor, smashing in many pieces.

    "My Lord can now get the physicians to take my pulse. If my pulse reads a different condition from that of my Lord's before, Little Ye will immediately take my own life here." Yue Ye was really going all out this time.

    Elder Yue's entire body was shaking. Beat him to death, and he would not have thought that Yue Ye would go to such an extent, which was as good as seeking death!

    If it was anyone else that was framing him here, Elder Yue might still be able to find some excuse. But Yue Ye and Yue Yi had been adopted by him from many years back and they had not come in contact with other people all that much before. If it was said that they were setting him up under the instruction of other people, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord would never believe it.

    "Guards! Summon all the physicians who had diagnosed my pulse throughout the period to come here immediately!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord said with his eyes narrowed.

    Elder Ying took a glance at Yue Ye without anyone noticing. Although his face was calm, but inside his heart, fear and terror surged like the tide! At the moment that Yue Ye swallowed the poison, he had wanted to go stop her so badly but he knew, that Yue Ye's appearance here was part of Jun Wu Xie's plan!

    Her plan to send Elder Yue to his death!

    Elder Ying soon led more than ten physicians to come walking into the palace hall. Under the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's orders, they all took Yue Ye's pulse one by one.

    "Reporting to my Lord. Yue Ye's pulse is in the same state as it was for my Lord previously." After more than ten physicians took Yue Ye's pulse, the conclusion they got was shockingly unanimous!

    In that instant, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord completely lost it. His hand carelessly grabbed at the paper weight on his table and he threw it hard at Elder Yue.

    A big wound immediately broke out on Elder Yue's forehead, blood gushing out like a spring!

    "My Lord! Your subordinate is innocent!" Elder Yue could not be bothered with the pain and he just knelt himself on the floor as he howled, pleading innocence.

    Even if he was beaten to death, he would not have thought that he would fall into such a state, where he found himself unable to refute the accusations levied against him.

    For things that he had truly committed, he would still be able to cover up. But these things that he had never done, were instead pushing him straight into a highly distant nightmare!

    Yue Ye drew in a deep breath, and just knelt there determinedly in the palace hall, her eyes cold as she watched the pitiful end that Elder Yue was about to face.
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