Chapter 1866: “Stick Your Face Out (7)”

    Chapter 1866: "Stick Your Face Out (7)"

    "Good! Elder Yue, you're a deep one aren't you?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was so furious he laughed out loud as he pointed at Elder Yue to say: "Guards! Arrest that man with his insidious intentions right away!"

    With the order given by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, Elder Ying immediately led men to go capture Elder Yue.

    But Elder Yue however summoned up his spirits powers to explode out in a flare, where the silver spirit light that manifested blew the disciples surging towards him away!

    "My Lord! I served the past three generations of your ancestors and you do not trust me! Instead, you have chosen to believe this wench whose mouth is filled with lies! I have been loyal and faithful to the Shadow Moon Palace but you are treating me like this!" Elder Yue stood up, his eyes red as he stared at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. He knew that if he gave himself up to be arrested, it would be a straight path to death, and he was not going to resign himself to be executed just like that!

    "Protect the Palace Lord!" Elder Ying saw that Elder Yue was behaving abnormally and he immediately shouted out.

    All the disciples immediately surged to stand before the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, as they stared sternly at Elder Yue.

    In the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Yue's powers were already comparable to that of the Palace Lord's and with the Shadow Moon Palace Lord having been in ill health the past several years, his powers had declined somewhat, and was no longer a match for Elder Yue!

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord glared with his eyes wide at Elder Yue. "Elder Yue! This is outright rebellion!"

    "The Lord wants your vassal dead, your vassal will have to die. But if you want me to die at the hands of this filthy whore, I am unable to swallow the humiliation!" Elder Yue said with a cold laugh. He might have pledged allegiance to the Shadow Moon Palace, but he treasured his own life more. Since the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was not willing to let him live, he would not mind fighting his way out of here!

    "Guards! Arrest him right now!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was rather flurried. Elder Yue was at that moment the most highly skilled member, and if he were to really flip out and go berserk, there was no guarantee his own life was not at risk!

    With that order given by the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, everyone lunged forward together, to pounce upon Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue snorted in contempt and his body morphed into a streak of lightning. The disciples in the hall were all unable to touch him at all and they were all wounded by him! In the instant that the figure of Elder Yue flashed, he grabbed Yue Ye who was kneeling beside him and his body flashed once more, to finally stop just outside the palace hall.

    One of his hands clutched at Yue Ye's throat, his sinister and chilling gaze falling upon the highly pale face of Yue Ye's.

    "You little whore, this old man has truly misjudged you. I had not thought that you could really be so venomous. Since you seek to make life difficult for me, do not think that you and your elder brother can continue to live!"

    "Hold it!" Elder Ying's heart cringed and he could not be bothered about anything else but charged straight up, wanting to save Yue Ye.

    However, Elder Ying's powers was merely just at the Purple Spirit level and it was sorely inadequate to go against Elder Yue who had attained the Silver Spirit. Before he could even touch Yue Ye, he was sent flying by a single palm strike from Elder Yue!

    "Elder Ying. You're such a pathetic and useless piece of trash. Do you really think that you are able to take me on? Let me tell you. I'll leave if I want to today, and no one in the Shadow Moon Palace will be able to bar my path! You have gone against me for so many years and at the end of it, you have merely just shown yourself to be a mindless moron! I shall be benevolent today and tell you something." Elder Yue's mouth curled up into a cold sneer, his gaze shifting over onto Yue Ye.

    "All these years, the truth is your son was killed by the Shadow Moon Palace and I was the one who sent people to go have your daughter in law slaughtered, while the pair of grandchildren of yours were brought back to the Shadow Moon Palace by me, to be reared like dogs by my side. This little whore here is your granddaughter, and Yue Yi is your grandson! Bwah ha ha! Not even in your dreams would you have thought right? That the two pitiful worms that had been reduced to mere playthings of the Palace Lord and me, are actually your blood kin!"
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