Chapter 1867: “Stick Your Face Out (8)”

    Chapter 1867: "Stick Your Face Out (8)"

    "Don't you find yourself just so pathetic? Having thought that you have finally grasped the life saving straw, to have the Shadow Moon Palace help you find your grandchildren, but your grandson and granddaughter had been before your eyes all this time. And the entity that you pledged your loyalty and allegiance to, is actually the murderer of your son! I really pity you. You watched with your own eyes your grandson reduced to become a plaything of mine, and your granddaughter attracted the Palace Lord's eye..... Hahaha..... This is what the Zhan Family has ended to become? Hahaha..... Hilarious! But you do not have to worry. These two unbelievably filthy kids are right about to depart from this world and your bloodline will then be severed! You should thank me for this, to let you be able to see them one last time before they die. Bwah haha! !" Elder Yue laughed maniacally, revealing all the unthinkable filth in the years past right before Elder Ying's eyes.

    "Shut your trap this instant!" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord shouted in shock. He had not thought that Elder Yue would expose the matter at that moment.

    Elder Ying stared silently at Elder Yue who was laughing maniacally, already aware of those facts in his heart. But when his ears heard those words, his heart still winced in pain.

    Yue Ye who was held in Elder Yue's grip suddenly widened her eyes and she struggled hard to turn her head, to stare in shock at the silent Elder Ying.

    This man is her Grandfather?

    Her real Grandfather?

    Elder Ying's eyes that met Yue Ye's astounded gaze were filled with deep remorse and regret.

    "Hahaha..... Why should I shut up? My Lord, you were the one that asked me to carry out the deed back then right? Why? You still want to keep Elder Ying by your side as a dog? You're really too cruel. On one hand, you slept with his granddaughter, and on the other hand, you still want him to bend his back to serve you. You are truly the real villain." Elder Yue no longer had any qualms and he shed all pretence of cordiality with the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was so furious his entire body was trembling, and his body that had recovered suddenly surged with a familiar sense of exhaustion and lethargy.

    "Alright. Now, I have let you two acknowledge each other. What a nice guy I am. So..... Yue Ye, say goodbye to your biological grandfather now as I am about to send you on your way now." Elder Yue said venomously.

    Yue Ye bit on her lip, as she lowered her eyes.

    Elder Yue's hand raised up high, and then struck down towards Yue Ye's head.

    Elder Ying wanted to stop him, but was completely unable to catch up with Elder Yue's speed, his heart suddenly stuck right at the back of his throat.

    All of a sudden!

    A streak of light flew straight towards Elder Yue's palm, and intense pain caused Elder Yue's body to quake!

    "Send her on her way? Have you asked for my approval?" A cold voice suddenly rang out within the palace hall!

    Elder Yue looked towards the voice and suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie come walking gracefully out from the side of the palace hall.

    "Chang Huan!" Elder Yue stared at Jun Wu Xie as he clenched his teeth tightly. If it was asked who else in the Shadow Moon Palace he would want to kill, then it would definitely be the youth right before his eyes now.

    Ever since "Chang Huan" came back, no matter what Elder Yue did, things had not been smooth for him at all.

    "Chang Huan....." When the Shadow Moon Palace Lord saw Jun Wu Xie, he blew out a breath of relief. This extremely gifted youth here was the Shadow Moon Palace's biggest hope.

    "Chang Huan?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly shook her head.

    "I regret to tell you that I do not seem to be called by that name." When Jun Wu Xie's voice fell, she suddenly raised her hand up to pull off the disguise she wore on her face!

    A countenance that could bring ruin to cities and countries suddenly bloomed out before everyone's sight, that perfect and flawless skin and those extremely exquisite features immediately caused everyone to gasp in shock!
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