Chapter 1868: “Resounding Face Slap (1)”

    Chapter 1868: "Resounding Face Slap (1)"

    "Who are you! ?" Elder Yue exclaimed in shock as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. No one could have thought that the "Chang Huan" before their eyes would actually be an imposter and what was even more terrifying was that none of them had actually discovered it all this time.

    "Jun Wu Xie." Jun Wu Xie said with an eyebrow slightly lifted, revealing a name that had never appeared here in the Middle Realm before.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was astounded as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. He had never seen such a beautiful young lady where even the very pretty Yue Ye had instantly turned to become rather lacking in lustre before Jun Wu Xie. In the entire palace hall, that one tiny figure was just like the sun, that attracted everyone's attention.

    "I should have guessed that you are not Chang Huan. For that useless piece of trash like Chang Huan, how could he have possibly attain the Purple Spirit?" Elder Yue said as he narrowed his eyes, looking at the young lady before his eyes warily. The young lady seemed to be a little younger than Chang Huan and at that age, she had actually been able to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit's fourth stage, which was just rather shocking.

    How old was this young lady? Fifteen? Or sixteen? Such a tenderage and she had already reached a level that an average person could not hope to achieve. If she was given more time, how far would she be able to go?

    "It's still not all that late for you to know now." Jun Wu Xie said coldly, her gaze sweeping past Elder Yue's face.

    Elder Yue sneered coldly. "So what if you are not Chang Huan? Do you think that you are able to take me on just by yourself? The level of disparity between a Purple Spirit and a Silver Spirit is not something that a little brat like you could possibly understand. But since you are so anxious to deliver death onto yourself, then I shall grant you your wish. Once I kill this little whore here, I shall immediately send you into Hell!"

    Elder Yue's eyes flashed with a cold glint and the hand holding Yue Ye was suddenly imbued with spirit powers, the pulsating glow of his Silver Spirit powers surging towards Yue Ye's body. With the kind of constitution Yue Ye's body possessed, it will be just a split moment that she would have all her internal organs crushed and for her to completely crumble under the tyrannical powers of the Silver Spirit!

    All of a sudden!

    A dark shadow swept past Elder Yue in a quick flash. Elder Yue only felt a chill upon his arm and by the time he recovered his senses, Yue Ye who had been held within his grasp was nowhere to be seen, and he discovered that his hand had actually been severed right at his wrist, a clean and neat cut, without the slightest sign of tearing upon the wound.

    Bright red blood immediately gushed out from Elder Yue's wound like a spring in the next instant, his palm that had just been severed lying there upon the cold hard floor.

    "ARRRGH!" Elder Yue grasped at his handless raised wrist, a frightful howl erupting from his mouth in that instant.

    All of that had happened too quickly. Not a single person in that palace hall was aware of what had happened, till Elder Yue's loud howl pierced their eardrums painfully that brought them back to their senses to stare at the bright blood gushing out from Elder Yue's severed wrist. Everyone then raised their heads up with absolute incredulity, to look upon Jun Wu Xie who stood at the palace hall's entrance.

    "How..... How is that possible....." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord stared in pure shock at Ye Gu standing right beside Jun Wu Xie, completely unable to believe his eyes.

    Elder Yue was the Shadow Moon Palace's top placed and most highly skilled fighter where even when the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was at its peak had only been able to battle Elder Yue to a draw. The kind of powers Elder Yue possessed could not have been any clearer to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    Under the Heavens, with the exception of a Gold Spirit, no one could possibly be able to so severely wound the highly powerful Silver Spirit in a mere instant!

    From beginning till end, Elder Yue had not had time to put up any kind of defense and his hand had already been severed off so easily!
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