Chapter 1869: “Resounding Face Slap (2)”

    Chapter 1869: "Resounding Face Slap (2)"

    As far as the eye could see in the Middle Realm, the Silver Spirit was rarer than rare and for the most powerful Gold Spirit, only the nine Temple Lords of the Nine Temples were able to reach that Heaven defying realm!

    But when Ye Gu made his move, not the slightest bit of golden light of a Gold Spirit had manifested within the palace hall, which was a point that shocked the Shadow Moon Palace Lord thoroughly.

    The Shadow Moon Palace disciples who had been there in the palace hall were all stunned speechless by Ye Gu's tyrannical power. Elder Yue's position and his powers in the Shadow Moon Palace had made all of them tread trepidly around him and not dare to go against him. Never in their dreams would they have thought that the day would come where the all powerful Elder Yue would actually have his hand cut off by someone in one single stroke right before their eyes!

    Such an unbridgeable chasm between their powers, was just absolutely unbelievable.

    "Master....." Yue Ye's face was pale as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. She was put down onto the ground by Ye Gu, her large doe like eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie in astonishment.

    Her Master..... was actually such a unmatchable young beauty!

    "My disciple is not to be touched by anyone." Jun Wu Xie glanced at Yue Ye, before she turned towards the howling Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue had never been in such a wretched state. The incessant excruciating pain from his severed wrist caused his entire body to break out in cold sweat, his initial arrogance and glee already completely evaporated without a trace left in an instant. His face was deathly pale, blood smeared all over him, gasping for air as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes actually showing a sliver of fear.

    "Who..... Who are you really..... We do not have any grievance or vengeance between us, so why are you going against me?" Elder Yue was in so much pain his teeth were chattering. The severe injury inflicted upon him just a moment ago made him clearly aware of the great disparity between his powers and that of the masked youth beside Jun Wu Xie.

    Not to mention he was already wounded, even if he was completely fine, if he was attacked by that youth, he would be rendered completely defenceless.

    This was the first time Elder Yue was seen to be in such a wretched state. His neatly combed white hair was in a mess, his venomous eyes showing a kind of panic never seen before in them. Unable to get a reply from Jun Wu Xie, he then turned to look at Elder Ying.

    The fact that Chang Huan was impersonated by Jun Wu Xie, though everyone else might not have noticed anything fishy, but he did not believe it to be possible that Elder Ying did not notice anything strange before.

    As afterall, just how much weight Chang Huan was capable of, Elder Ying would definitely know it best!

    "It's you! Elder Ying! You are indeed vicious! In order to bring me down, you had actually brought in such a helper!" Elder Yue spat out as he glared at Elder Ying, his heart filled with hatred against Elder Ying, hating the fact he could not swallow him whole.

    However, the eyes that Elder Ying stared at Elder Yue with, was filled with similar loathing.

    "If I really am capable of that, I would have sent you off to Hell long ago."

    Elder Ying suddenly laughed out loud, his gaze highly malicious as he looked at Elder Yue.

    "You win. Elder Ying, let me tell you now that the incident at Hill City was my doing alright, and I was behind the abduction of Yue Yi as well. That piece of flesh over his heart was personally delivered into your granddaughter's hand by me and if you let this lass named Jun kill me here today, your grandson will then accompany me to the grave. So you had been think it through properly." Elder Yue said with a cold laugh. He still had another chip in his hand.

    Elder Ying gazed at Elder Yue who was still being so venomous till the end and the Heaven roiling hatred in his heart surged. He then lifted his head to look at Jun Wu Xie standing at the palace hall's doors.

    "Elder Yue, there is no need for you to waste your breath anymore. I've already told you. I do not have the capability to be able to invite our Miss Jun to exact revenge on my behalf and you do not need to use Yue Yi to come threaten me. Moreover..... you really think that Yue Yi is still in your hands?"
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